NYCH3 #1423 Easter Playboy Bunny Hash

Sunday, April 24, 2011, 3PM

NYCH3 #1423 Easter Playboy Bunny Hash

Start: Houston & Elizabeth St., Prelube at Tom & Jerry’s

On-In: The Edge, 3rd St. & 1st Ave.

Hares: The Harriettes

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at Tom & Jerry’s dressed in our Easter finery.  Hoboken Dave really got into the spirit of the event and wore a full Easter Bunny suit.  I thought I saw a hung-over Philly hasher still dressed in his Green Dress Rµn outfit nearby, but it was actually a matronly church lady wearing her Easter bonnet.  It’s a good thing she stayed out of Tompkins Square Park later because we encountered something that would have made her blood boil.  Could it be…. Satan?

So let’s get on to the trail.  And we did, and it was good.  And we came to the On-In and there was much rejoicing. And we gave out Down-Downs:

The Hare: Trips & Balls

New York cock Exchange & MILF and Cookies for dressing up as sexy black leather bunny priestesses and serving communion at the drink stop

Visitor: Sheep Date.  Just Amy came back for a visit from Virginia, but she hasn’t been gone long enough to drink for it

Virgin: Just Michael

Trips & Balls for arriving with her car too full to carry the bags

Mary Quite Contrary for stepping on a dog on trail

Mary Quite Contrary again for hat in the circle, we didn’t buy that it was part of the costume

Just Lesley and Crawlaholic for upsetting the local dog owners

Just Nicole for her demonstration on how to blow an egg

Trips & Balls for forgetting to write the On-In location at the start

Trips & Balls and US Marine Whore for not waiting at the start for stragglers

Just Josh for running up to the pack after we left the start and yelling "Just Fµ¢λ It!" and following with his bag.  He disappeared into an alley with some guy that looked like Kevin Spacey and came out wearing only his shorts

Evan got A$$hole of the week for r@¢ing past Rachel near the finish

69 Down & Fast American Dave for their birthdays.  Honorable mention to 69 Down for eating a doughnut on trail and not believing there was birthday cake

God must have heard the church lady’s lamentations because the rain came a while after circle ended and the beer ran out.  So in fear for my soul, I scurried home.