BH3 #561

BH3 #561
April 11, 2011

On-In: 4th Ave Pub
Hare: Drippy Sac and Headlights
Scribe: Canine Fixation

The start location was at Prospect Park West and 16th.  I’ll bet you’re expecting me to tell you that we prelubed at The Double Windsor, which was right on the corner.  Well we didn’t.  Do you think I know what the pack was thinking?  I’m not a mindreader you know.  Barnacle was there complaining about a missed opportunity to skip the hash to day-drink, and now I’m starting to regret not doing so with you breathing down my neck like this.  Drippy Sac and Headlights gave a chalk talk, and we left soon afterwards anyways, so get off my back.

Look, if I had remembered to bring my GPS, I could tell you where we went, but I forgot, and that tone isn’t helping.  I can tell you we went through the streets of Park Slope and a little through Prospect Park.  Somewhere on the trail, there were arrows hidden under garbage piles and a massive 8 mark checkback, so can we just drop it now?  Whatever, I don’t care anymore, we finished at 4th Ave Pub.

Here are your precious down-downs.

  • Hares for haring.
  • Virgins for virgining.
  • Barnacle for hitting a BC and wondering “Because 8”?
  • Yours truly, for checking under the garbage pile for arrows, although I didn’t actually do it.
  • Wet Willie apparently did a great Eager 4 Beaver impression.
  • Baboon Ass.  For solving a check.

How should I know how long hash cash went?  I’m not here to cater to your every whim, you know.  I had stuffed myself with pizza, and left after a few more pints.  You know what?  I’m out.  We’re through.

– Canine Fixation