BH3 #552

BH3 #552
Start: 18th Ave & McDonald Ave
On-In: Starlite Lounge
Hare: Cheeky Bastard
Scribe: Just Nicole
It was an unseasonably warm night when gathering at 18th Ave and McDonald Ave.  The melting snow creating a serene brook running through the streets of Mapleton and Midwood.  The scenic five miler took us over to Gravesend Park, then to 21st Ave, over to Avenue I (a mere block from the on-in), ending on Avenue J. 
The down-downs awarded:
  • Cheeky Bastard – Failure to Set Hotline
  • Cheeky Bastard – Insufficient Checks
  • Canine Fixation & Katie – Didn’t Mark a Check
  • Barnacle – Making Headlights Haul the Haberdashery, TWICE!
  • Dogface – Almost HIt by a Van of Hasidic Jews
  • Dogface – Waded Through a Chest High Puddle in the WILDS OF BROOK-LAND
  • Whoremaster – Overly Concerned About Fluffy’s Showering Habits
On-Out .. Just Nicole