BH3 #538



Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #538/November 1, 2010

Hares: Eager For Beaver and Virgin Hare Annie

Scribe: Blackout

It was the Monday after Halloween, and a smallish pack met next to the Brooklyn War Memorial, which is right up there with Grant’s Tomb for large yet unheralded NYC landmarks. I have to admit I was confused to not see any virgin Annie at the start…instead E4B gave chalk talk, while Smashmouth took the bags.

The trail wound its way around the bases of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, often using subway entrances to sneak across avenues. The trail had a fair number of circle-jerks as well, which often threw off the faster but often less observant FRBs. After a sufficiently long distance the trail suddenly disappeared mid-block in North Park Slope. Luckily a few veteran hashers recognized the block as the location of Chez Smashmouth, and Headlights proceeded to pack mark the on-in, a first in my book.

Arriving upstairs the hare situation became more clear…Annie being the young canine of the Smashmouth household. Chip-eating and imbibing quickly ensued. Not too long after the pack arrived, Fire in the Piehole and Tit-totaller arrived with their own pup, Angus. Much sniffing and licking then ensued (even more than at a typical hash).

Eventually down-downs were awarded:

-the hares for the barely respectable trail

-the hares again, for somehow neglecting to mark the on-in (Smashmouth mumbled something about not wanting to scare the neighbors)

-a virgin whose name escapes me, made to come by Legal in Some States

-the virgin again, for skipping on trail

-Barnacle, for confusing hashing with street hockey and yelling “Game On” at car-free intersections

-Death Breast and Technically Foul for using racist excuses to abstain from drinking, as well as guilt-tripping Headlights for her lack of abstention

– Fire in the Piehole and Tit-totaller for reintroducing dog-fighting to Park Slope

-Hash Flash Noah’s Dinghy was about to drink for an obscure email reference to an upcoming Dog’s Bollocks Hash, when Tit-totaller graciously offered to drink in his stead

-Canine Fixation for having a canine-themed name at a canine-themed on-in

-Finally Smashmouth for his birthday

Pizza-eating, beer-drinking, and canine antics ensued, only occasionally getting out of hand. After one such instance Noah’s Dinghy knelt and spent 2 or 3 minutes masquerading as Cesar Milan, putting one dog and I think even a couple nearby hashers into a trance. Eventually the crowd thinned, but not before the beer did, which led a few brave souls to trudge home with ‘road beers’…which apparently aren’t much fun to carry as one might think while still at the on-in.

May the Hash Go in Peace