BH3 #531

BH3 #531
Start: Grand Army Plaza
Hares: Barnacle & Dan Bartos
On-In: Floyd’s, 131 Atlantic Ave

Scribe: Just Nicole


Not even the the threat of pouring rain could discourage the ranks from gathering for the live trail kicking off in Prospect Heights.  The group waited impatiently as our fearless hares made the most of their 5 minute head start and what was a successful attempt to keep their pants on.  After dismissing the false notion that the park was "closed" the pack found their way and continued their pursuit of the hares.. err, the on in.  The trail winded through Boerum Hill with the help of some very astute locals with a mindful eye for false marks.  As the trail wrapped up in Brooklyn Heights, the group waited anxiously for the pizza.. and waited.. and waited.
Down Downs
Hares: Barnacle & Dan Bartos
Visitors: The Gimp, Fuck me on Porpoise, Lazer Labia, Lock Nut Monster
Cheeky Bastard: Charging at the start; it’s not the running of the bulls
Hayes: Unable to locate the On-In
Nads on Film & Rock n’ Roll Her: Sloppy kisses (from a DOG)
Canine Fixation: Asked the locals for directions and was steered wrong AGAIN
Canine Fixation: Extra mileage to get to a nice, round number
Dan Bartos: Named Bar Goggles
On Out!
Just Nicole