BH3 #526

Monday, August 10, 2010

BH3 #526 — Tour de Brooklyn, Leg 9


Hares: Canine Fixation & Nads on Film

Start: Franklin Avenue C, S stop

On In: Bushwick Country Club

Scribe: Death Breast



8.9.10. The date that every prophecy deems to have an event so wondrous, so magnificent, so life-changing, so apocalyptic, so name-changing…why it’s the BH3, of course.


A lovely, sweaty group of steam-swimmers assembled amongst several thousand halal meat stores in Bed Stuy. The hare informed the crew that it would be a “normal” trail, whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.


A r*n through the streets of those Brooklyn hoods proved to be a treat for the entire community at large. Many crowds cheered and our very own Headlights solicited not one, but two high fives from dumbfounded children on the sidewalk while she begged for more.


After several miles of Bikram r*nning, the pack arrived at Bushwick Country Club to imbibe while wondering which headless plastic animal they’d receive next.


Down downs:

·   The Hares for setting a trail that was much much too humid.

·   Josh for taking a Pink Panther stance whenever attempting to cross the street.

·   Yours truly was welcomed back in style.

·   Barnacle, Robbie, Robyn, Josh, Donner Kebab for blowing right by the On In to the surprise of the other hashers.

·   Headlights for her solicitation of minors’ high fives.

·   Nicole got to drink out of her very shiny new shoes.

·   Doggie Erectus had some issues with the spelling of Chick-Fil-A. I have no idea why.

·   Claire refused to race children after last week’s scar-inducing face plant.

·   Headlights was called on by an angry brit for not attending his recent hash.

·   Blister Sister was then hastily renamed Butt Cum for refusing to shut up about the cum in her butt.


Doggie Erectus kept the backyard grill going and made everyone fat and happy. The beer kept going, making our sweaty asses just a bit cooler. What better hydration post r*n is there?


And on it goes — some inappropriate conversation, a weak and failed attempt at a post-circle rename, and Butt Cum continuing to talk about the cum in her butt. A good name change this scribe thinks, indeed.




On out.

Death Breast