NYCH3 #1370


NYCH3 #1370

Start: Columbus Circle

On-in: Dublin House, 79th and Broadway

Hare: Crotchless Panties

Scribe: Ow! My Balls!NYCH3 #1370  

                 On a cold miserable rainy day there existed the last Sunday hash for the winter season of 2009-2010, and it was a piece of shit.  The hares, our very own Amalea and just Michael, who set such an easy to follow trail with excellent markings and checks which made it impossible for anyone to commit trail offenses.  To them I commend and at the same time scorn their efficiency.  After meeting in the fountain in Columbus circle splat (our hares were not present) sent the pack in the wrong direction right away.  Good job splat!  Upon moving the small amount of baggage to the area of the circle where one can get a taxi, the adventure began and the drinking begin.   

  If anyone remembers a previous trail set by Amalea, you’ll remember it also ended at the same place the Dublin House on 79th between

Broadway  and Amsterdam.  If there is one truth to that bar is they must service hobbits because the glasses they serve beers in are child sized.  Thankfully their back room also contains powerful fans that allow the hash-stench into other areas of the bar.  Upon the arrival of our pack it was determined that our JM’s were too good to attend the day’s festivities and passed on their baton of power to Splat, and Ow my Balls (yours truly).  Whilst asking around the revelers of such a shitty day hash there was little to nothing to report.  This lead to our friendly hashers go so far as having just Sean envision a homo-erotic encounter with his roommate, just Chris, in the park under a cherry tree.  Further investigation also brought to light that they both have girlfriends with the same name, shared blow up doll?  One shall never know! 


As I continued to ask for offenses mean-jean and Lesley began to tattle on each other and then scorn each other for tattling on each other.  It was an interesting conversation, one for which I made sure they drank down downs for my amusement.  When our circle started, we accepted two new hashers to the fold of whose name I’ve immediately forgot because I was drunk and forgot to take notes on the newbies.  However one of them bought a new tech shirt and the other is a famous skier on magazines.  Google to your heart’s desire.  Towards the end of the circle I yet again announced our lovely new tech shirts and demanded payments from those sods that have yet to fork over their hard earned dough.  We then finished our circle with our JM’s who deigned to bless us with their benevolent presence to ensure we didn’t fuck anything up.  We then made them the assholes of the week and fire in the pie hole enjoyed a lovely plunger beer.  

  Thank you for your time and I apologize to our virgin’s for my lack of remembering your name, I’ll figure it one of these days when I’m not on a three day bender…

on on.