BH3 #511

Brooklyn Hash #511

April 26, 2010

On-In: The Sackett

Hare: Trader Blows


Note, the following write up is much more amusing when read in an auctioneer/1950s gangster/Mayor Quimby voice. If you are unfamiliar with this particular accent, please contact your Brooklyn JMs and ask them to read the below out loud for you.

Do I hear 5? 10? Who has 15 minutes to meet at Henry Street Ale House before the 511th hash in Brooklyn? Sold! To that motley looking crew of r*nners, despite the bartenders’ objections. Includes an unceremonious boot out the door into the drizzling rain. Wouldn’t want to disrupt the three patrons at the bar. Kudos to the de facto Angry Brit Trips’n’Balls for standing up for the lot of us, kindly telling the bartender that we were happy to leave and never come back.


And with that we were off, following the directions of hare Trader Blows that due to inclimate weather any mark was on. Hey kid, you’re alright. Who will give me three? Three and a quarter? Do I hear three and a half soggy but well-marked miles later to the Sackett? Includes one nervous hare, decent beer and plenty of pizza.


Once there, the JMs furiously scribbled notes on the only paper available – a roll of receipt paper, thus sparking the ridiculous/mostly unintelligible accents… see them for a better explanation. What I can tell you is that it was hilarious (maybe you had to be there).


Coming up next are a series of down downs! Who will give me 8? 9? Maybe even 10 trail abuses? Sold!

  • To the hare Trader Blows.
  • To Trader Blows again for having the pre-lube/start at Henry Street Ale House, where they hate us. Note to hashers and future hares, do not grace that bar with our patronage ever again.
  • To Legal in Some States for getting engaged. It has yet to be confirmed that his affianced is not his sister.  
  • To me, Sandy Syphilis, for bringing up the ever-so-sexy topics of missing toenails and poison ivy.
  • To me again, for a teeny, tiny oversight on the whole Mondays are for hashing thing… or is it Tuesdays?
  • And for a third time, to me for grammar on trail. You can make a pack mark with a question mark; you can certainly make one with a semicolon.
  • To the handsome gentlemen in a suit jacket, DBB.
  • To She’s a Dude for leading Hedgehog astray numerous times… and to Hedgehog for following him.
  • Last but certainly not least, to Headlights and Noah’s Dingy for doing the entire circle speaking like gangster Mayor Quimbies.

Scratching your head? Those who actually attended this hash still are too…


On Out!

Sandy Syphilis

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