BH3 #499

BH3# 499

February8, 2010

Hares:Nads on Film and Sorry, What?

On In:Washington Commons


Starting just over the Williamsburg Bridge, your sometimes humble scribe, j*gged over from his office. A certain ill-tempered, bespectacled and Dog-faced hasher rudely rushed the hares into starting before the official hash time so I missed the official start. (Note: Please do not do this, it screws everyone up. If you want to move up the official lateness of the hash by 5 minutes please send out a memo.)

After a rapid impromptu explanation by the hares I was off into the wilds of Williamsburg. After several twists and turns, I bumped into a very confused and lost Ding! and Just Rob. With my limited knowledge of Brooklyn geography, I am at a loss to describe the trail in terms of where it took us. It seemed as if we spent most of our time either in a Hasidic area or around a housing project. With all of the checks solved in front of me I quickly made my way over the four mile trail to the Prospect Heights On-In, Washington Commons.

It is On-In locations like this one that help the Brooklyn hash earn its reputation of being, “The Better Beer Hash.” We had a choice of three flavourful and strong craft brews that lasted well into the evening.

Down-Downs were issued to the following:

Visitors and Virgins: Crickets. None.

Hares: Sorry,What? & Nads on Film– The trail was well received. A bit on the boring side but its length and width were deemed appropriate for such a cold night. Well done.

Ding!, for discussing his recent conquests on trail. Gentlemen never talk. Stay Classy Ding!

Just Jenna and Headlights were overheard discussing various epidermal conditions, puncture wounds and an excess of bodily fluids. Seriously? Gross.

FiremanTim – R*n to the start with me. Arriving late, he dropped his bag with the hares, who then promptly departed for the On-In.  Tim waited in line for several minutes at a local McDonalds restaurant pretending to be deciding what he wanted to order, while all he really wanted was the use of the facilities. While waiting in line he cooled off to such an extent that he feared frost-bite to his extremities and ‘shortcuted’ the entire trail. He was reported to be recovering well after several beers.

SandySyphilis claimed to be leaving the country for a couple of months yet continues to show up at the Hash. It was also her birthday. Happy Birthday, Fuck You.

Barnacle was the hero of the night. He decided to be the F.R.B. the entire trail.

Splat! earned his name once again. After a long hiatus from r*nning trails he decide it was time to put those Splat muscles to work. He fell victim to a roving crack inthe sidewalk (Watch out they could be anywhere.) and smashed up his knee. He was also reported to be recovering well after several beers.

The JMs toasted themselves for upcoming 500th Brooklyn Shenanigans


~R.H. Steve