BH3 #489

BH3 # 489
Hared by: Hedgehog
On-In: Minor Arcana
Start: 7th Ave & 9th Street

There are only a few sure things in this world: death, taxes… and hashing. With that in mind, a pack of a couple of dozen eager hashers showed up at the start in Park Slope. With the weather channel forecasting rain
all night, it wasn’t surprising to have no visitors or virgins.

After dropping off our stuff on the corner, we were off. The trail zig-zagged through Park Slope into Prospect Park. After a couple of tough checks, the trail emerged by the Grand Army Plaza and continued through Prospect
Heights. Other than checks being marked with a circle, I can’t recall anything else about the trail, but that may have been because of the beer consumed. Thanks to Headlights’ meticulous note taking abilities, the record of the night’s festivities was not lost. The down down’s were administered as follows:

* To the hare, Hedgehog.
* Emily, for complaining about all trails being in the Slope and the Heights     and for promising to set the best trail when she does hare in a few weeks. Dogface, your neighborhood friendly Trail Master was made to drink with her.
* Oral Values and Dogface were made to drink for the offense of scheduling their birthdays on the day of the hash, the nerve!
* Oral Values, again, for running 2 marathons in a month.
* While we are talking about raceist offenses, Fireman Tim was down downed for being one and zooming past Headlights on the final stretch of the trail.
* Jordana, or the hasher formerly known as Breast Stroke, came to the hash in new shoes. We all know what happens…
* Eager 4 Beaver was awarded a random abuse of power: he made Melanie drink just because she hasn’t been in the circle for a while.
* Death Breast, for being DFL and walking in at the end of the circle.

I really need to find someone else to do the write up next time, so if you see me eyeing you at the next On-In, run!

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