BH3 #487

Its Monday again. The weekend wasn’t all that, and, like always, there are parts I would do differently if given the chance. Saturday, I woke-up planning to go to the special event for charity hash. The start was only 2 blocks from my house and they would be serving bagels. At 1:30 in the afternoon, I made a quick decision to go drink free wine at USQ and meet my friend early for her birthday party.

Well, the good news is I was given a chance to redeem myself by attending tonight’s Brooklyn H3.

At about 2pm this afternoon I checked for details on the start. As I clicked to read the latest write-ups, I realized …"write-up…, shit, I owe that from last week. mmm…last week… I have those notes somewhere… right?" Amazingly, serendipity prevailed, and after TWO people asked me about it tonight, I came home to find the college-ruled notebook paper covered in Headlight’s notes, folded-up, sitting next to the dirty laundry pile.

But about last week…

The Leo Hash
Hared by: Trader Blows and Two Buck Fuck (aka The Leos)
On the same night as: The Leonid Meteor Shower
On-In: Royale
Start: 4th Ave & 9th Street

What do you call a quarter pounder with cheese in Amsterdam?

A good sized group gathered under the Checks Cashed sign and discussed our desires for the on-in to be north, towards Prospect Heights, or east, towards Windsor Terrace. The hares appeared and gave chalk-talk, collected the bags, and sent us west, towards Cobble Hill. The trail had us cross the Gowanus, and then cross back again, in case we missed the aroma the first time. We passed a creepy dark industrial plant, which based on the rumbling incinerator noise, was about to explode. We turned up the hill through Park Slope and into Prospect Park. A two-headed check kept us between the 3rd-street playground and the main road until we continued back out of the park. We ran a bit south and then east again, over to 5th Ave and 13th street, to a decent and friendly watering-hole we’ve been to before. Royale provided an enjoyable selection for our hash-cash and I took advantage of Magic Hat Howl, Magic Hat’s latest winter brew.

The down-downs went as follows:

  • To the hares, as always.
  • To the visitors.
  • To the virgin, Amy.
  • To Sandy Syphilis for recanting an iPod accusation.
  • To Sandy Syphilis again, for spelling issues.
  • To Red Headed Steve for lighting a copy of a write-up on fire.
  • To The Saint for his birthday.
  • To Noah’s Dingy for random abuse of power.
  • To Red Headed Steve again, for being late, running trail with his bag, and still passing Splat.
  • To Porno Putz for walking into a tree and earning the Smashmouth award.
  • To Canine Fixation for …?

Hash-cash lasted a while and I was reminded to drink-up otherwise someone else will drink my $20. No wonder it took me one week to remember I promised to be scribe.

Drink it Down,
Just Melanie