KH3 #9


Knickerbocker Hash House Harriers #9 


Wednesday 21 October 2009  


Start: 9th and University  


On-In: TreeHouse Fiddlesticks  


Hare: KH3 Committee  


Scribe: Mickey Mouth  


“Mean Jean is the kinda girl that likes a good spreadsheet”. With that, the on-in began. But I get ahead of myself. Let me take you back a good six, six plus miles…  


Gather round for the second season of the KH3, a cultivar. A hash without mortmain. And a fitting start, Knickerbocker Bar and Grill. Not a consumer of flesh, I was unaware it was a quality joint for steak and martinis. I will go so far as to confess ignorance that steak and martinis, a good coupling make. I always thought of a martini as a drink that stood on its own – dirty, with gin and a skewered olive…. Anyway. Mean Jean cheers us on with (and now it occurs to me, I detected a snicker, a dastardly jingle to her voice) “it’s an easy run, no worries! On thata way!”  (It is here that my hammies would like to voice up a whimpering “you bitch”. Yeah, they may be smarting but their diction is weak) So we start, trot though WASHINGTON square park, then east, picked up the trail at Tompkins, through Stuyvesant, across IRVING to Union Square for a nasty check. Then straight west, blah blah blah, a garage, blah, blah blah, not Flannery’s blah blah blah to…Fiddlesticks. Here we were greeted by an apprehensive Ms. Downdown Machine. The original bar reneged on all the prior caboodling so MJ, aided by the trusty bag hag Noah’s Dinghy, went next door to Fiddlesticks which had a nice back room and an even nicer barman named Sweet Sam (ok, ok, I added the ‘sweet’, but it’s justified). Thanks be that a well-heeled hare was in charge, no telling what would have happened if a virgin was at the helm.  


So now I am back to “Mean Jean is the kinda girl that likes a good spreadsheet.” It was the posit of Just Rich, but Wet Connection and I agreed. She excels in this function. The water came, the beer came, mingling, mingling. Not many hash shirts to be seen, for shame! Old KH3 hats sold out. Some muttonhead spilled beer on Wet Connection. Just Rich sweet nothinged Mickey Mouth into haring (there is something beguiling about spreadsheets…)

Circle was called. Mean Jean for hare and for musical bar. Noah’s Dinghy for bags. (he had the downdowns on his crackberry! Really? Really? ND really?) Virgin Anthony. (The downdowns were teensy. Probably for the best because it was lite beer). Just Rich for spreadsheet haring. USMWhore for Honey you got to slow down (got to slow dow-own). Junky Monkey for KH3 hat. The new committee members. Bare-Ass-her visitor. And then Ding performed his song. Hilarious! Ding, fries are ready! Empress Norma promoted the Halloween hash, “be there or be a loser”. Apologies for the strong language but those are her words not mine, so know what you’re are getting into.  


Food came out but it was remarkably sparse and unfriendly. Back to the beer. I didn’t witness a lot of shenanigans the rest of the night. NYCH3 business cards were handed out. FAD probably did something. I hope Scottish Lesley’s day got a little better. And since so many race-ists are in what ever this thing is “sober October”, it’s cut down a bit on rowdy rhubarb. Hash cash was out before ten (five to ten! yells Noah’s Dinghy, five to ten !). I left with aspirations of an E train, aspirations that were quickly dashed upon the cementy subway floor with the callous sign “E: no service after 10pm ”. It was a long walk to the bus (my hammies wish to reiterate a wounded “you bitch” to the hare, what can I say, they won’t shut up)…  


on out.

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