BH3 #482

#482 – BH3 2nd Annual Oktoberfest Hash

October 12, 2009

Hares:  Sorry, What & Whoremaster

On-in:  Der Schwarze Kolner

Scribe: Ding!

Where are we? This neighborhood is way too nice for us. Is it called Brooklyn heights; should be called Brooklyn Bourgeoisie. Beyond the classy neighborhood here are some things on trail that totally confused the pack:

There were two dozen seniors along trail wearing red hats who may have been on some kind of misguided tour. Misguided because wearing matching hats is a good way to get your ass kicked or receive ridicule. Who goes on a tour of Brooklyn? Did anyone take the opportunity to mock the red-hat geriatrics?

There was a single child’s shoe (size 3-6 months) positioned in the middle of the sidewalk along the trail. Is no one else deeply concerned what happened to this child or the other shoe? Did anyone grab the shoe so that they might make an ornament or a charm?

Munich (London) rules hash cash of only two dollars: Total confusion resulted when hashers had to pay for their own beer. Some adjusted nicely and acquired German Suds in steins bigger than their own head. Other hashers went next door and acquired cake for breakfast. This is the type of behavior that can be caused by sobriety. Buying cake for breakfast, get out of here…

Two Canadians infiltrated BH3. These two square heads lead us to believe their names were Kazoo & Trix are for Pricks. Most of the conversation between Brooklyn Native Hashers and the Chesterfields was friendly with deep seeded contempt for one another’s culture.

There were no Virgins! Can the hash survive without the sacrifice of fresh meet, without blatant sexual harassment? What will the pack do with no one to make a pass at, no one to be scare off never to return again? Please bring some fresh meat next week.

There were a few memorable down-downs. Barnacle was called out for double dipping Bavarian wieners. FMIG was caught wearing racist attire. FMIG & Headlights were identified as DFL. Bimbo awards went to Canine Fixation (for missing the point), Headlights (for short-cutting life), and Barnacle (for marking and peeing behind garbage).

Oh and we had a naming! Sari is now known as Oral Values. Congratulations on your new modus operandi.  Go forth and make many people happy.

On out,