NYCH3 #1342


Sunday October 11, 2009 – NYC #1342

Hares: Laird, Doug Guiley, YankIT and Hardman

Start: 103rd and Broadway
On-In: The Dive Bar

Scribe: Bulldozer


We gathered in front of the Starbucks on Broadway and 103rd.  I wasn’t really paying attention to the hare, a mistake I would pay for later.  And with that we were off heading east on 103rd into Central Park. Some trail running in CP and then exited by the Harlem Meer and then across 110th St……….


Across 110th Street, Pimps trying to catch a woman that’s weak
Across 110th Street, Pushers won’t let the junkie go free.
Across 110th Street, Woman trying to catch a trick on the street.
Across 110th Street, You can find it all in the street.


You can find chalk marks on the streets as well, probably not envisioned by Bobby Womack when he penned that tune.  On and up Adam Clapton Powell Blvd. (ACP was the first African-American elected to Congress from New York.)  Then east on 119th until we hit Marcus Garvey park.  One of Garvey’s memorable quotes was “Chance has never yet satisfied the hope of a suffering people.”  The designers of his park must have had that idea of suffering in mind when they installed the steps in his park, because this happy band of hashers would soon join the ranks of the suffering.  I soon gave up any hope of running up those steps, but did enjoy the view


If there was a theme to this hash it was parks and more parks.  It was a Tour of Harlem parks provided that they had steps, lots of steps.  In one such park was a false trail, which we all seemed to manage to find at the same time.  Then the true trail was found, by the steps, no surprise there. And on and up we went over to Riverside Park, I think.  There we found more off-road trails before finally exiting the park and heading south to the on-in, basically two blocks south from Starbucks.  If you love steps, this was the hash for you.


Andrew convened the circle and since I was told I would receive a sheet with all the details of abuse etc, I took no notes. Mistake; because while I did receive said sheet, it contained no real specific information to pass on about visitors, virgins, etc. I can tell you the bar provided us with hot dogs and mac and cheese, which Rich’s daughter, Half-Pint (I guess you just couldn’t finish the beer eh bought her) loved. Rich was then awarded a down down for bringing said minor into the bar. Half-Pint knew most of the words to the songs we sang. The beer was good and plentiful.  We were joined by racists from the Staten Island ½ Marathon; some of whom did quite well in that outer borough event, such as Fast American Dave, who not only finished second in his age group, but ran to the start. Hey with that hash name, you better place in your age group. And Roark finished 3rd in the 5K in Van Corltand.


On Out