BH3 #473

BH3 # 473
10 August 2009
Tour de Brooklyn Leg 7

So is each subsequent leg of the Tour de Brooklyn going to be on the
hottest day of the year to date?  That’s sure what it felt like as the
pack assembled at Flatbush Avenue station.  The pack waited for FMIG
to send us on the way.  And waited.  And waited.  The local drugstore
emitted occasional puffs of AC on the sweaty pack, but this meant
dodging the boxes being delivered.  Did I mention how long we waited?
Eventually Headlights arrived & got the pack going in the right

Despite much speculation, trail did not go deep into Canarsie (I know,
I can hear the disappointment from all you fans of the L). And what
about Bergen Beach?  Hey, it’s a beach!  Ozone Park? There’s got to be
a good bar at the racetrack.  It’s almost as if FMIG was trying to
erase memories of Leg 6 by doing it backwards (hey, everybody knows
all that does is just reveal the Satanic lyrics).  But the amount of
blue & purple chalk used made it just as difficult to follow.  Trail
meandered up Flatbush Avenue into Ditmas Park.  But of course the Tour
de Brooklyn isn’t all about nice neighborhoods.  No, from there it was
up through Prospect Park South, into the park itself, then out through
Crown Heights.  Ever hear of an NYPD Impact Zone?  Well, you would
have after this trail.

Trail ended at the Tip Top, an establishment sort of on the border
between Clinton Hill & Bed-Stuy.  Did I mention how sweaty we were?
Because the Tip Top did not have AC.  They did have a great staff
though, including one bartender who had previously dated a Thai hasher
(or a hasher in Thailand?).  We noshed on Papa John’s pizza.
Seriously.  At least Fluffy had Thai food.  Seriously.  What is it
about hashers & Thailand?  What about that halal Chinese place on
Franklin & Fulton?  The pack circled up & administered enough
punishment to wipe out most memories of down-downs (so at least some
memory erasure happened!).  But most assuredly FMIG drank for, well,
do we need an excuse?  We had one virgin, was it Jeff?  Hey Jeff, if
you’re reading this, you’re not a virgin anymore.  Yoshi drank for
wearing pants on the hottest day of the year (I thought ‘Pants in
Heat’ was a great name!).  You know that guy who always leaves early,
so his sister has to drink for him?  Well, guess what… Eager 4
Beaver drank for overachieving.  He ran into the hare while out
running without purpose, then decided to join the trail.  We gave a
down-down to our lovely hasher-friendly (really friendly) bartender.
We recognized all those who have done all of the Tour de Brooklyn so
far.  You know who you are (which is good because nobody else does).
Hope y’all ordered those TdB shirts, because that ship has sailed!
See you at Leg 69*!  On on!


*OK, I know, that’s Queens.  Queens Hash Lives!
**Or whatever leg you make it to.  That’s just the first number that came to mind.


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