NYCH3 #1325


June 24th, 2009


NYCH3 #1325 – Summer Solstice R*n


Hare:       Geoff


Start:      Christopher Street


On-In:      Antarctica


Scribe:     Wet Connection


 Even the scattered showers throughout the day couldn’t keep our intrepid hashers from celebrating our longest day of sunlight with the leaders of the New Amsterdam Winter Wednesday.  Forty Vestal Virgins gathered at the start, lured in by the promise of an ice-cream check, while I merely wanted to watch and see if that tiny little thread that holds up Geoff’s beer vessel would survive one more night of hashing.   


Off we went. To be honest, I don’t recall where the trail went. I just assumed that in normal Geoff fashion we would run a good, long straight, four-five miles, maybe dip our toes in Queens at which point the trail would just stop and leave us befuddled and frustratingly another mile or so from the bar…which we would only find when he finally decided to set the hotline sometime around 8:30 p.m. 

 But tonight was different. The trail, though I don’t remember much, was good. It weaved around the Village, didn’t bugger any one up too badly and the rain managed to keep away. Further, the ice-cream check offered not only four different types of ice cream (and sorbet!), but a little flask of scotch was being passed around by Splat! for whomever desired a novel topping to their summer treat.

 It was just a hop, skip and jump to the on-in, Antarctica, where we recently celebrated our AGM. To be fair, the scores (3 score is my estimate) of hashers didn’t make it easy for one single hare to manage water, beer and food for everyone – AND collect money (though I’m sure the committee was all too willing to help pitch in and lend a hand…). Anyway, thank goodness the pack didn’t seem to know the words to that great hash standard “More beer, more beer, more beer, more beer….” But now they do, so there you go. 

 It was then that I was accosted to do this write-up by Brittany. I love that girl’s hashing spirit. I told her I’d love to, at which point she suggested I take notes during the circle. I scoffed, telling her I could file it all away just fine in my brain. After the circle, she provided me with the down-down notes, which I’ve summarily lost, destroyed and yes, forgotten. But if you read write-ups just to see your name in print for a down-down offense or other act of infamy, you really need to find another hobby…or get more friends.   


Still and all, it was good, rowdy circle, ably handled by our illustrious JMs, or their fill-ins. 40 virgins were welcomed to the scene, probably never to be seen again. Visitors abounded with their funny garb and funnier songs. Even little Alice got up on a chair and screamed that everyone pay hash cash. It’s not like we weren’t trying, we just couldn’t find her in the throng.   


 Pizza arrived and as I recall, the beer ran out at a somewhat respectable hour. And Geoff’s little stringy thing that still holds his beer cup around his neck remained intact.        All in all, a good hash night.