NYCH3 #1323

Wednesday June 10th 2009 – NYC #1323

Hares: Kindergarten Kim and Stinky Fingers Birthday Hash

Start: Franklin at Varick and W Broadway

On-In: Jeremy’s Ale House

Virgin Scribe: Bulldozer


The pack began assembling near the entrance to the 1 train on Franklin under grey skies and dampness hanging heavy in the air.  About 50 eager hashers listen attentively to the pre-hash instructions given by Stinky Fingers . The hares informed us that for this special night, 3 and your on, no false trails marked and one speed check over an indeterminate distance. Pretty In Pink chalk trail marks were used to guide the way.

Off we went west towards the Hudson (I think) until chaos reigned at the very first check mark. It almost took longer to solve that check than it did to run the entire trail.  The trail meandered back east and passed by Susan B Anthony and Carrie Nation plaza, through City Hall, on-on across Foley Square where the pack did it’s best Gangs of New York imitation.  Then south through the Financial District, where the hash instantly became a metaphor for the economic recovery process.


Next stop, the On-In! If you like your trails brief and flat with only a couple of steps to climb, this was your night.  The On-In was Jeremy’s, home of the 32 oz Big Gulp.  We’ve been to Jeremy’s before. Most recently as the pre-lube for the festive Santa’s Slut’s hash in December.  The ceiling is done in the style of the Sistine Chapel that is if Michelangelo worked with Victoria’s Secret, a box of colored Sharpie’s and a power stapler.  Beer choices were domestic: Jeremy’s Ale, Yuengling and Bud types (I think) Nice move by the hares in getting something other than pizza.  Food was hot dogs, French fries and some manner of meat covered in BBQ sauce. Zagat rating still pending.


The circle was convened by Lauren and our Religious Advisor, Tit Totaller


Down Downs (I think I got most of them)

Virgins : Kelly and Gabby

Visitors: I Feel Tower, (St Louis) and Doggie Erectus from the Hockessin (DE) H3

Hot Rod for being a racist, for reasons unknown to your scribe. But I did buy a Run/Drunk T from her. After all, they really do make lovely gifts.

Not Enough Distance Over Achievers (as opposed to the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, and proud we are of all of them) Jeremy, Stewa, Sari and Liz

Lesley for her wearing a t-shirt she meant to return, but forgot her own

New shoes– Blackout (shaved for the summer) and John who sported a pair of electric yellow Spiras, which he confided to me were “Banned in Boston” They weighed less than the (empty) Big Gulp Styrofoam cups

Mickey Mouth for arriving @ the On-In before the bags did.

Fast American Dave was given the plunger for uncharacteristically hitting every check and so was Mickey Mouth, but I can’t read my own scribble for the reason.  Ha, as if a reason was really needed!


I left to navigate the acid-trip labyrinth that is the Fulton St stop on the A-C-J-M-Z-2-3-4-5 lines. Anything that happened after that is lost to history.

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