GGFM # 222

The Truth – GGFM Hash #222

The Truth



OfficialOrgan of the Greater Gotham Full Moon

HashHouse Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash #222 – Friday, April 10, 2009

Start: Columbus CircleFountain (I always thought the fountain was in the middle, not by the entranceto Central Park!!!)

On-In: O’Connellson 108th streetand Broadway

Scribe: Rajesh (asucker for agreeing to do a write up coz a girl asked him to)

Oh good! It’s Friday!

I am attending a hash run after about 4 months. I show up ontime at 7:00 pm at the Columbus Circle Fountain (at least what a few others andI thought was the Columbus Circle Fountain). I asked this person, who lookedlike he was there for the run if he was there for the hash. He thought I waspeddling drugs. Remember; don’t ask people “Are you here for the Hash?”  Anyway, I remembered that the pre-lube was atColiseum (on 58th and Broadway) and found Leaky Faucet (a hasherfrom Atlanta),his friend Michael (more on him later), Amalea (who I kept calling Alea, tillshe finally corrected me in the bar) and Numbnuts.  Ross from Oz also was present at pre-lube.


One of the hares comes to the bar and tries to get us to goto the start. We finish our beer and go to the Columbus Circle Fountain andlook for the start. After a few tries by multiple people to locate the sign,two brave souls (read as self and Bjorn) decide to cross the sea of trafficaround Columbus Circleand go to the entrance of Central Park.  We find the hares and other hashers there.One of the brave souls decides to cross the sea of traffic AGAIN to bring theother hashers to the start (the other brave soul was striking up conversationwith a cute and pretty hasher; obviously he is the smart one!!) The hare gavethe virgins and visitors instructions and was kind enough to tell us it is nota half-marathon distance, when asked about how long the run is. 

He points us out in the direction and the pack startsr*nning. Of course Red Headed Steve was flying ahead of everyone… SLOW DOWNBUD!! Well, thanks to the check marks and bad reads of imaginary flour markings(and sometimes bird shit, paper), the group kept getting lost the first halfhour… cursing the hares, cursing the ourselves for r*nning in the dark,wishing we were close to the On-In location. Some (read me) were wishing for a phone to find the On-In location andcall a taxi too…. Anyway, with all the whining (mostly me) we finally ended upat the On-In location. A familiar location, I have to say!! (The last time wewere at the On-In location was on Christmas Eve, the hash was hared (is it averb?) by Dan. The guilty hashers that evening were Two Buck Fuck (didn’t havea hash name then), Dogface, Dan, Rebecca S ,Ken W… we got shit-faced afterdoing shots of Mind Erasers and other crap shots that evening) … Anyway, all’swell that ends well. As I always say when I enter the On-In "Aaah BEER!!”


Random conversation I had with one of the hashers:

Michael, a Virgin to hashing, introduced to hashing by LeakyFaucet supposedly got a BJ and visited a Proctologist on the way to On-In.


Down Down:

1.     Haresfor haring

2.     Virginsand Visitors – Michael, Leaky Faucet from Atlanta and Yoga chick, an author anda Yoga teacher from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, long way from NYC (Distance: 7,947 km/ 4,938 miles)…She is originally from NY.

3.     MickyMouth for staying too long in NZ and rubbing it in our faces

4.     Kerryfor losing her license in the bathroom.. (damn it, I wish I had found it)

5.     Anna:water down – down. I don’t know why

6.     Batikshirt man: down down for FRB (what does FRB mean and I don’t know Batik shirtman’s name.

7.     Red-headedSteve –Sang the Jesus lent song…

8.     Heather:for using twigs to mark the trail

9.     Noah’sdinghy: NYPD show up and ask him what the hell he was up to…