BH3 #454


Brooklyn # 454

March 30, 2009

Start: Jay Street/Boro Hall  


Live Hare: Fast American Dave


Bag-Hag/Bar Hare: FMIG


On-In: Royale, 5th Ave and 12th Street


Scribe: Lauren            

Ahhh Brooklyn home of hipsters and cheesecake and a whole bunch of hashers that I don’t know.  I try and make it out to a Brooklyn hash a couple of times a year, usually for something notable like the AGM or the flashlight hash.  In this case I was just really bored and figured seeing FAD having to run sans shorts would be entertaining.  I won’t keep you in suspense, no one caught up with FAD and no one got to confirm that we should change his name to Tripod.  Bummer. 

 After some confusion over which of the 8 subway entrances we should start at we settled on a suitable corner and the pack began to congregate.  FAD was looking around anxiously.  When he saw no sign of typical Brooklyn FRB’s Glen, Jeremy, or Conor he breathed a sigh of relief and got ready to take off.  We gave him a 90 second head start.  It was probably more generous like 2 minutes because he didn’t tell us he was leaving! 

At first we thought that Blackout and Astroglider might be able to catch our daring live hare, but after taking too long at the first two checks we knew we didn’t stand a chance.  So we settled in to enjoy Dave’s zig-zaggy trail at a more leisurely pace.  The trail went left and right, it passed by lots of interesting little restaurants and some not so interesting warehouses.   There were a few tough checks and a mysterious large pink arrow and finally we made it to our destination.  [Did you really expect more trail details?  I had no clue where we were the whole time!]  When we arrived FAD was already changed and looking for a plastic straw to put in his beer.  We’ll get him next time guys.  


FMIG doled out the down-downs as follows:


Hares: yeah yeah nice job


Virgin: Her name was Africa, yes her real name was Africa.


Africa: She wouldn’t take her hat off in the circle.  By the time we cajoled her into taking it off I was terrified she was going to be balding or something….nope just paranoid about having a bunch of strangers looking at her hair.


69-Down: For exaggerating the size of Dave’s arrow;  Which didn’t turn out to be his after all.


FAD: For giving chalk to two complete strangers to set a false arrow.  With no other instructions other than “take this chalk and draw an arrow up there” they drew a huge arrow in a circle and colored it all in.


FAD and Blackout: apparently they’ve started planning vacations together.   

Blackout: for a nasty blister on his foot.  Ouch.

Splat!: for busting out a flashlight and being a new-shoe Nazi…he didn’t find any.


Astroglider: There was some discrepancy over whether his name was Assglider or Astroglider.  We took a vote and the latter won out.  


I show up in Brooklyn once a year and get stuck doing the write-up?!  Sheesh.