BH3 #453

BH3 # 453

March 16, 2009

Scribe: Just Conor


The start of the trail was marked by a truly giant “BH3.”  Apparently, veteran hare Nipcicle was never taught how to draw a proper start mark.  After lecturing a few visitors and virgins, co-hare Legal in Some States warned us about a few mistaken arrows, and then the pack was off. The first marks led through the park and quickly back out of it, on to the first check at the Brooklyn Museum.  There we found the first few of many false trails set by the hares, stupidly following an overly eager virgin who ejaculated a premature “on-on!”


Eventually we found true trail again, and ran off through Crown Heights and the surrounding neighborhoods.  After getting momentarily lost at a few more checks, we were rewarded for our efforts with a surprise beer check – a clear attempt by Nipcicle to buy back our love from her previous hash.  It worked.  I should also note that the hares learned a valuable lesson from DBB’s wrath at Nipcicle’s last “beer check” (where cider was served), as actual beer was served at the beer check this time. 


But a mile or so after the beer check the pack once again became thoroughly lost.  (This hasher is still convinced that every trail off that check was marked false.)  At any rate, some hashers eventually ran past one of these false trails to find the true trail again, and we ran on into Clinton Hill and the On-in.


The pack enjoyed some tasty beers and then gathered around for the circle. We were joined by two visitors from St. Louis and one from California, as well as two Virgins: a Swede and Barnacle.  Yes, you read that correctly, a virgin was named on his first hash.  Apparently he’d sent a few too many nervous emails ahead of time to earn the name, but you’ll have to talk to FMIG to get the whole story.


After the visitors and virgins, down downs were distributed as follows:

  • Steve, for taking a spill on the course
  • Nipcicle, for the last trail she’d hared
  • The hares for the enormous and incorrect start mark
  • A very special happy birthday, fuck you to Headlights
  • And of course the Angry Brit down downs, as doled out by resident Angry Brit DBB:
    • To the visitors from St. Louis for talking during the circle
    • To me for commenting on the sorry shape of the circle, and then admitting my relative inexperience at hashing.

 The beer and pizza was plentiful as usual, although I must admit my memory is a bit spotty on how long the hash cash actually lasted.  Either I drank too much, or waited too long to write this write-up, cause I can’t remember anything else notable.


On Out,

Just Conor


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