GGFM #215 – Halloween

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Hash House Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash #215  – Friday, October 31st, 2008

 Hare: Scot Gleason and Red-Headed SteveStart: Suspenders, 111 Broadway, NY, NYOn-In: Suspenders, 111 Broadway, NY, NY (A to A) Scribe: Scribe (Punk Ass Bitch) Hoboken Dave with random and rambling contributions by Just Boozer TrailThe trail was a pretty standard one…except with more drink checks…more costumes…more back checks…more rats…and too long for Halloween…you get the idea. What better place to start than the beer checks? Beer Check 1: on the west side near the river and the bridge to nowhere (near Battery Park City).  Drink: Pineapple Blueberry Champagne (with lots of food color). Some people lingered here and I’m suspicious that some people just went straight to Beer Check 2…wise ones those! We proceeded on to a back check on Beaver Street…did it ever end? Sometime around here an extra-crazy lady assaulted Father Malcolm with his pliable, willing boy friend. She called him a Freak amid much rage and fury…although, come to think of it, perhaps she was on to something? We continued on through South Street Seaport and encountered lots of unnecessary stairs. A random teenager started running with us, and then decided on a better form of rebellion once we got lost at a check. And now we move on to the Heart of Darkness… Beer check 2: Rat Alley.  This is worth some description:  The alley began with an impending sense of doom as the hounds moved into the dark and stinky liminal world of Rat Alley. The sense of revulsion became yet more heightened upon the sight of dozens of rats moving swiftly too and fro across the urine-infused asphalt. Distributed amid these noxious forms were the yet more noxious dead and decomposing bretheren as well as the potentially yet more noxious homeless slumbering comfortably amid the stench.  This unholy Purgatory served as the location for our second beer stop.  Apparently several hounds made it to the beer stop without entering Rat Alley and managed to consume several beers before our arrival. Damn them and their early ascension to Paradiso! There was so much Paparazzi on trail with all the flash bulbs that Punk Ass Bitch felt like a star. A star! It seems that Fire in the Pie Hole was overcompensating for his inadequacies last year when he ran out of film or batteries or something…did anyone really want this evening so well documented? Circle / Down Downs

  • Hares – for the usual crimes
  • Visitors and Virgins – Lexi’s Bitch (back from San Francisco for a visit and to participate in that overly long hash known as the marathon) and Tony from Brooklyn (who wore a hat during the down-down and was promptly awarded another down-down for such rudeness, or cleverness, depends on how you look at it)
  • Just Jim, who ran with a backpack on an A to A trail
  • I have an Itty-Bitty Penis and it Smells Like Shit – for something he deserved, what else?
  • Dog Face – was awarded Bimbo of the month because he ran scared from the first beer check. Also, he has a lot of allergies (what a pussy!). Looking at the last two chicken fingers, he says "Can I have those, they are the only thing I can eat here because of my Allergies"
  • Baby Born On Trail

 Special Halloween Awards

  • Hockey Mom’s for Obama won some Duct Tape (???)
  • Blackout for whining "Oh shit it’s Halloween and I have to go to the hash party" – won GGFM Haberdashery
  • I have an Itty-Bitty Penis and it Smells Like Shit – won the Penthouse Variations, which he pocketed with a disturbing level of appreciation

 New Haberdashery: Super sexy black long sleeve GGFM NYC tee-shirts. Meow! FoodWingsChicken FingersCheese SticksYummy PoppersSome meaty thing that people ate first and then left everything else for the lots of good candy (but not enough Take 5s) BeerGood beer!  All the taps were poured – I liked the IPA. Notable Costumes – (those I can remember after the bar owner George started handing me pints)Fireman Tim: Indiana Jones (Boozer approves…)RH Steve: The Red Thing aka The Red DemonBoozer: Wonder WomanHeather: Sexy DevilLexi’s Bitch: Cow (or Lexi? I’m not sure how the nipples compare…)??: Toga??: Dr. Ben Dover (offered to remove my hemorrhoids which I gladly accepted explaining that they were pretty deep in there)A few people in medical garbNorma: Hair and some creepy stuff…I tried to stay away!A Clockwork OrangePunk Ass Bitch: Big BunnyTatiana: Sexy Bunny (as opposed to Big Bunny)A Blessing in DisguiseSarah: PrisonerSlash: Bomber PilotDan Wix: Masked ManRebecca: Masked GirlSparkly SariElvisChris: Gold BondKathy: CowgirlJenn: GypsyIrene: CowgirlBlackout: Supposedly the Big LebowskiMastercard: Bat Girl Hash cash ran out around 10:30.  Hare and haberdasher extraordinaire the Red Demon aka Red Headed Steve laid down his credit card and the party went on.  We all owe him a drink or two or four… ON-OUT