NAWW #183

            NAWW # 183 

            Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Start Subway Inn just North of Bloomingdale’s

On In: Dillon’s Pub on 40th just East of Lex

Hare: Kendra              

weather: drippy


And lo, a writeup has appeared. And the run it was good and warm and wet, as promised.  From Bloomingdales up north with very hard to see orange marks to about 86th and into the Park, with, to everyone’s delight, flour.  It shone bright.  Then on South and out onto Fifth Avenue past the Plaza and the first of the also promised Christmas stores – Bergdorf’s with various symphonies on white in the windows.  And then trail also hit Rock Center and Grand Central – welcome shelter and the only place a mark was left before Dillon’s Pub on 40th off Lex.  The historical onin of the very first NAWW.


Very many thanks go to Kendra for getting such a great sized pack in the rain, last minute but effective ruse though she did use in the email.  (Note, all you subsequent late start declaring bastards).  Downdowns were conducted in the dulcet tones of Splat who did know quiet songs but was jogged into audibility by the visitor from Boston.  No newbies.  The highlight was when 4 such were drafted from the clientele, and yes, they could drink.  Welcome back to all of them. And kudos to the pizza which did not slither all over the place.

 This write up is a pitch to all of you young and sharp Committee Officer title bearing wannabees. 

NAWW needs

 – two haberdashers (you get to design something),

– a second RA,– a serious hash flash and yes -2 scribes and– a second JM hopefully but not necessarily Christine, as well as GA Guardian Angel Roy who promises to do all of the above when you’re not here. 

To apply, please see Alice, all of you.