NYCH3 #1278

NYCH3 #1278

July 23, 2008

Hares: Flabio and Steve Douglas

Start: Broadway and Lafayette

On-In: Cody’s Bar and Grill, 282 Hudson St

Scribe: Dave A

This hash was a HALT – Hasher’s Against Long Trails (Yay HALT!!). So despite the New York heat and humidity about sixty people gathered at Broadway and Lafayette in the blinding sun waiting for our illustrious hares. Flabio explained that this was a HALT, the trail was about one mile long, and that if we wished to r*n further, there’s another club, called the New York Road R*nners and that they would r*n us around all we want. (Note: He seemed drunk.) There were a lot of new faces in the pack. A cab materialized and bags were deposited directly into its trunk and backseat.

Then we were off. First mark to the south. Crossing Houston, we turned right and landed on our first check (Prince and Greene?). The check quickly solved, the trail wound its way down through SoHo. Crossing Sixth Ave at Broome we ran into our second check. Also quickly solved, it lead us to the chicken/eagle split, which had a false eagle, so everyone took the chicken to our on-in, Cody’s. Total r*n time 15-20 minutes.

At Cody’s, where after a little water, we start directly into pitchers of good beer, the hare correctly pointed out that in a non-HALT we’d still be outside somewhere r*nning. (Yay HALT!!)

After sufficient time for the beer to take effect, the circle commenced. Virgins Anastasia and others successfully down downed, with a "Why are we waiting?” chorus to boot. I should mention that the singing, while always angelic, was particularly loud and boisterous, perhaps because of the copious beer and good spirits of the crowd. Next, visitors from Australia and Magoo, took their down downs. Those who took the eagle received down down next. Dan (who had a broken right hand) was down downed. Dave and Lisa, just married, happily got a “Just Say No” down down. Asshole of the Week went to Matt for not getting his AOTW down down two weeks earlier, even though he technically had.

The crowd spilled out on the sidewalk, beers in hand. The food at Cody’s, always great, was particularly good tonight with all the beer and large crowd. Large trays of pasta, French fries and some other dish (which I missed) were enjoyed by all. The food was restocked after running out. The bartender, Victor, was very happy to have us in. I felt bad for the table of diners in the front corner peacefully eating when our raucous group arrived. The pack decided to shift venues and made Antarctica their home. Unfortunately, your scribe did not attend. I headed home, only to close out some local bars with a friend. I should mention that LA Matt, visiting from LA, showed up at the on-in fresh from the airport.

On out.