GGFM #211


The Truth

Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full Moon

Hash House Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash #210 – Friday, July 18, 2008


Hares:  Chris S. & Hoboken Dave


Start:  Irving Plaza (Irving & 15th)


On-In:  Mug Lounge (13th St. btwn 1st and 2nd Ave)


Scribe:  Offensive Discharge


“Never write on no sleep” 


Such is the sage advice of a wise wife.  Sometimes lack of sleep can help the thought process — usually it muddles everything into a discombobulated jumble … either way, the written result is always illegible, hard to follow, and barely enjoyable.


Coincidentally, so was last month’s trail.


Truth be told, the trail was a valiant effort from a virgin hare and a barely de-floured cohare.  (Chris, take heart.  Tons of potential —  and with a little ‘veteran’ guidance, you’ll have it down perfect.  It wasn’t even close to Worst Trail of the Year, and if it wins, well … you guys just aren’t trying hard enough!  I’ll have to come back and show you all what a truly WTotY is!)  Lots of twists and turns, great neighborhoods, skirting the edges of the “usual suspects” (Wash Park, Gramercy Park, Thompkins Square) without delving inside – lots of fun! 


On a hot summer’s night, would you offer your trail to a virgin as a hare?


Having experienced the pain of *2* WTotYs on the “hottest days of the year”, (fine, fine, (you old-timers, stop laughing and showing your age) — replace “experienced” above with “inflicted”) I know the challenges well.  One word of advice: fewer checks make the pack run *MORE*; less TRAIL gets the run done faster!


And that covers the first 3 down-downs – Hares, no checks, more marks.  There were also 4 virgins – pleasant folk who enjoyed trail so much they kept jogging at stop-lights and checks; and who we’ll probably never see again.  Visitors & returnees were next.  Some overachieving down-downs; the Committee members (and ALL Committee members, than you very much) were singled out for some unheard reason; and then the highlight of the night – a naming.


Our former JM Scot “Rather Have a Whore” (fresh off his own naming at Bay-2-Breakers) stepped forward and conducted the ceremony with high honors.  It seems our buddy Tom has finally graduated from nursing school.  Congrats all around!  And after the run tonight, he thought he could sneak behind a sheer curtain to change, with bright backlighting.  So everyone, please say Goodbye/Good Riddance to “Just Tom” and welcome our new brother — “Candy Stripper” – to the hash.  Well Done!


Which, sadly, brings us to the end of the hash.  The Mug Lounge were gracious hosts, extending the 2-for1 special until 11 PM.  Most hashers left by 11:30, with a small group of myself, Ed Lunch, Empress Norma, and Girl Scout Nookie holding court for a few hours longer (and a late guest appearance by MasterCard).


Trail is only one part of a hash, and an On-In that ends after 2 AM is a sure sign of a hare who knows what they are doing!


On Out,

Offensive Discharge