BH3 #409

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #409 / 5-19-08

Hares: P. Dick and FMIG

On In: Buttermilk
Scribe: House Of Weenies



Another Monday, another Brooklyn Hash.  The start was the 7th Ave stop on the F train.  The F train was running all F* up and slow that day so half the pack did not arrive until 7:15.  We were sent off with a warning by FMIG that the trail would involve “Trespass of a Governmental facility that risked arrest.”  He did not warn us about the multiple false trails to dead end alleyways and parking lots.  The trail went down the slope into a supermarket parking lot.  Apparently we were supposed to climb the fence and continue on the other side of the parking lot.  Thanks hares.  They repeated this stunt behind a whole bunch of row houses in the slope.  Thanks again.


Eventually the trail found Prospect Park and led to the NYC Parks department maintenance facility along the west side of the park.  We looped around the facility and traipsed through the park.  Some places just are not worth breaking into.  The trail emerged at the Prospect Park F stop only to submerge into the subterranean tunnels.  At this point I lost the pack and have no clue what happened for the rest of the trail.  It ended at Buttermilk in the slope.


  1. Nina gave her first down down as a committee member to the hares. FMIG drank both beers as P. Dick was getting the food.
  2. Helen received 2 down downs.  The first was for staying for the on-in.  The second down down was for saying she did not like to use chalk.  She is a middle school science teacher.  Ladies and gentlemen, the future of America is in her capable hands.
  3. I received one for an erroneously placed comma.
  4. Some other down downs given to use up the glasses poured for the circle.  I don’t remember anything of consequence.

Food arrived and was greeted without much fanfare.  P. Dick served large trays of weenies and fries.  There were many sausages left over.  Somebody’s dog was very happy.  The better beer hash cash carried on, and I left.


On out


House of Weenies