NYCH3 #1252

NYCH3 #1252
February 10, 2008
Start: 103rd and Central Park West
Hare: Sure Likes to Ball
On-in: 1020 Bar, 1020 Amsterdam Ave. (and 110th)
Scribe: Blackout


This is a makeup writeup, so not much can be remembered from this hash.  Oh wait:

– It was set partly in flour, went through corner of Central Park, Morningside Park, and St. Nicholas Park, then through City College, over to the Hudson, and back up to Morningside Heights
– I know this because I helped set the trail
– Most of the pack did not know this because they gave up during the freak snowstorm that suddenly hit between about 3:35 and 4:00 that day
– At least the on-in had good beer at a very reasonable price…hash cash didn’t really run out