NYCH3 #1247

NYCH3 #1247
January 6, 2008
Hares: Smashmouth
Start: 42nd and 3rd Ave.
On-Ins: Why Not? (40th and 9th)
Scribe: Blackout

Ah, a new year, another sh*tty trail.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

It was an average sized turnout for the first Sunday of the year, the pack wondering what DBB had in store for us this time.  While known for his themed trails, it wasn't apparent what DBB's theme was this week, you'll have to ask him, I didn't investigate.  However, we knew we were in for a doozy when during chalk talk he explained the trail was "under 10 miles".  Also in chalk talk we learned the trail was one mark and you're on…which usually means the first mark after a check is too far.  The trail started near Grand Central Station, heading south and then west through the crowds of midtown before hitting the first ugly check at Herald Square.  Let's see if how many of the requirements of a perfect storm of a bad check we have:
1) Midtown check with crazy crowds and no way to hear anyone calling – yup
2) Infamous square with a maze of streets all converging – roger
3) First mark about 2-3 blocks from check, making for at least 20 different linear blocks to search – gotcha

Needless to say, this check took a while to solve.  Anyway, the trail was finally found to continue west and into Penn Station.  At this point the trail took a sharp left turn while inside the station, throwing at least some of the pack off.  True trail went south for a bit, and then westerly to near the Hudson, where it then proceeded north. After an eternity of northward marching, with the air noticeably growing cooler (whether due to latitude change or sun going down, you decide), we finally turned around, only to head south an avenue over for another long stretch before finally finishing at Why Not? at 40th and 9th.

Arriving at the on-in, DBB at least had the wherewithal to get nearly all the beers on tap as part of the deal, so we at least could quickly forget the trail.  At the circle, FMIG bellowed out the following:  
– DBB as the hare
– DBB again for the sh*tty trail
– DBB a third time, with Dave Too Long.  After helping with dropping off bags, DBB gave DTL directions to join the trail….except they were bad directions.
– Long lost hasher Steamer Baldwin
– no virgins, but an implant from Boston was present
– Bloody Nipples (aka Fergal) for arriving at the on-in with an teensy tiny piece of chalk
– Elizabeth and Lisa for being a little too caught up in hash 'rules'
– Trailmaster Joe, not really sure what for (FMIG started rambling, and I tuned him out at this point), but at least partly for drinking wine at the on-in
– AOTW was Bottom, for apparently getting into a near fistfight on the escalator at Penn Station

The crowd continued to mingle, pizza was eaten, more beers were consumed, etc., etc.  At one stage the hare ducked out, and soon after that all that was left of the hash were five dudes sitting at the bar, looking like Hell's Kitchen regulars (except not carrying around a dead guy).