BH3 #406


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers
Run #406/4-14-08
Hares: The Saint And FMIG
On In: 4th Avenue Pub
Scribe: House Of Weenies


On the 50th anniversary of the traitors leaving Brooklyn, our JM’s decided it was time to take us on a history tour of all things Brooklyn and baseball. Our trail started at the Prospect Park stop on the B/Q line and promptly visited the local New York City Housing Association Projects.  Whereas our JM’s may love all types of crack, big and small, we were there to visit the venerated site of all things holy in Brooklyn baseball, Ebbet’s Field.  Baseball stadium à housing projects.  I see a very interesting hash in both the Bronx and Queen’s future in say 10 years… “Welcome to the Yankee Stadium Projects!”  The polo grounds suffered the same fate just a few years before Brooklyn, my poor father is still heartbroken.  Our trail wound back into Prospect Park where we were feted with trivia about Dukes, Shots, and Pee Wee’s and then expertly guided through the Vale of Cashmere, a famous gay cruising ground in Brooklyn.  Knew FMIG planned that part of the trail.  Crack houses, gay cruising areas, are we noticing a trend here?


After the joys of gay cruising and multiple hills, the trail exited the park on Prospect Park West and then traveled down slope to visit the fabled Washington Park, which is now part warehouse and part playground.  Washington Field has in fact the oldest baseball stadium related structure still standing in the US, the clubhouse wall along 3rd Avenue.


The trail then proceeded to the On-In at the Fourth Avenue Pub where a bevy of bevies could be had – including a large amount of custom microbrews.  The better beer hash rocks on.  After driving all of the regular customers out of the bar, we circled up to review our history lessons.  Down-downs were given for the correct answers for:

1.      Who was the Duke of Flatbush – Duke Snider

2.      Why is Bobby Thompson an A–hole? Shot heard round the world as the Giants won the Pennant.

3.      The stone house in the park in the slope – was the visitors’ clubhouse and George Washington slept there.

Down-Downs were also given to our Hares, Katie for her first Brooklyn Hash, Headlight’s friend Shanee for her lack of a proper virgin down-down at the St. Patty’s Day Hash, Eager for  Beaver for his 1980’s Larry Bird style short shorts (please no more short shorts on guys on trails), and G-Dick for being quite excited that the trail visited his old stomping grounds of the Vale.

The night continued with pizza, more drinking, and a fun time was had by all.


House of Weenies