NYCH3 #1242

NYCH3 #1242

December 2, 2007

Hares: Mean Jean the Down Down Machine (aka “MJDDM”)

Start: Flannery’s (14th and 7th Ave.)

On In: Crocodile Lounge, 325 East 14 Street,

New York, NY 10003 Phone: (212) 477-7747

Scribe: Joe Pennsylvania



The story begins on Saturday, when our hare for the day Mean Jean (hereafter referred to as “MJ”) checked the weather reports stating that NYC was in for a bit of adverse mother nature right about the time her trail was to be in play.  That prompted MJ to send out the following e-mail to the masses:

Calling all hashers!
Despite inclement weather warnings, this hare has a sneaking feeling that we're still going to have a great hash tomorrow! An extra fine trail is planned (and flour and red jello mix are already stored in the pantry) but if Mother Nature has other things in mind, I can at least guarantee a fantastic ON IN. Somewhere brand new, with great beer and food! Sound like heaven? Well at least it sounds like a hash.
So weather be damned! Make your way to 14th and
Seventh Ave at 3PM tomorrow for NYCH3#1242!

Translation – the trail will probably suck, but show up anyway.


Sure enough, the weather was indeed inclement, but that did not stop 25 intrepid hashers for coming out for MJ’s red jello party.  The pack was called to order outside a hash (but not dog) friendly bar called Flannery’s near the corner of 14th and Seventh Avenue.  MJ gave the instructions, stating that her flour was spiked with red jello mix that would turn reddish once it came into contact with water.  [This must have worked, as there was nary a complaint about the trail from the pack].  MJ noted that she reduced the trail to account for the weather and it was very short; that the pack would probably beat her and her bag bitch, Joe Pennsylvania (hereafter referred to as “JP” or “yours truly”) to the on-in, and the pack was off by 3:18PM.


MJ and JP waited about 5 minutes for stragglers, then caught a southbound yellow cab, made a left onto 12th Street, a left onto First Avenue and a left onto 14th Street to Crocodile Lounge.  We arrived at 3:37PM, just as the first wave of hashers were rounding the corner and heading for the Lounge.

The Crocodile Lounge, despite the claims in MJ’s e-mail, has been used by the hash before, as both an on-in and a bar crawl stop.  The venue was the location of a beverage tossing altercation that resides in the Hashing Hall of Fame (is there such a thing?) between C*ckstar (asterisk is mine) and a virgin.  Nonetheless, the joint has ample free pizza, which saves big on the food cost portion of a hash, which consequently allows for more resources to be poured into the beer portion of the hash.  Since the pizza comes out in droves, there is not any of the usual fighting off Ed Lunch for a slice.  Overall, a very nice deal and an excellent hash bar.  The user reviews on seem to agree – here is a sample:


User Reviews for Crocodile Lounge


11/28/2007 Posted by 11222

What's better than a free pizza with every drink? I was suspicious but its true! It's a laidback bar (a little dark-no windows) but the service is decent, prices reasonable, the pizza is actually very good!! Perfect place to grab some drinks (and free pizza) with friends.

Pros: free pizza!! laidback, reasonable

Cons: dark, not many seats

Awesome Awesome!

07/31/2007 Posted by curlysues27

Crocodile Lounge is a great time!!! I always go with my girlfriends for Margarita Mondays…you can't beat $4 Margaritas and a free pizza with every drink! Music is always great, crowd is always great, and the bartenders are always great.

Pros: Cheap! Great Crowd, Great Staff

Cons: Nothing


See, it’s even popular with chicks.


Anyway, back to the scene.  With football on the television and all hashers in house, the party started.  Beer flowed amply (great job by the bartender).  Conversations abounded. 




Down downs were eventually called to order by JM Kyle and RA FMIG.


  • First up, MJ and JP, as hare and bag bitch, respectively.
  • Eager for Beaver, for not being able to solve MJ’s acronym, MJDDM.
  • MJ again for a recent birthday (my notes say it was her 29th)
  • Virgins – three in total
    • Rory (Anna and Steve made them cum)
    • Ryan (his own impetus made him cum)
    • Matthew (the aforementioned Ryan made him cum)
  • Red Headed Steve took one for the team, as FMIG poured a beverage on him
  • P*ssy Repellent and C*ckstar in remembrance of the famous (or infamous?) beer throwing incident a year ago at this same establishment




Back to the down-downs (notes become sketchy at this point).


  • FMIG for being an ornament on trail
  • Anna for not having a story
  • Ed Lunch was AOTW for numerous pizza-related offenses
  • Kyle – the JM – for being absent the prior week
  • Then it was noted that there were an inordinate number of past JMs in the house and when one past JM drinks, they all drink.  Peter, Lesley, YankIt, Doug, FMIG and Eager for Beaver rounded out the down-downs.


Hash cash lasted to about 6PM and some hashers milled around a bit longer.  FMIG bragged about having 12th row seats for the Knicks game and soon departed for said game (FMIG – seats that good come about because the team sucks!).  Yours truly left shortly afterwards with his beloved Giants down 16-7 in the fourth quarter and Eli Manning’s confidence in tatters, catching a northbound M15 bus home (where upon arrival he found out that Eli miraculously started throwing passes to his own team, leading the Giants to two late touchdowns and a 21-16 victory) and NYC hash number 1242 entered the history books.


On out, team!