BH3 #353


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #353 Happy May Day Run

May 1, 2006

Hare: Stephen B (or as he prefers to be known as The Whoremaster)

On In: Moe’s: 80 Lafayette Street, Brook, NY  11217

Scribe: The Saint


A Manhattan Start – In the Middle of Immigration Day Rallies


I suppose its par for Hashing that we participate, hopefully interrupt and, at minimum, make our presence known by those in the general public: yes you Mr and Mrs Everyday American or Wanna-Be Americans that the Hash – or some derelict group of screaming runners has elected – or been forced to become part of their proceedings.  We’ve hashed through Chinese New Year and the gay pride parade most recently generally able to negotiate the trails.  That streak of luck almost came to an end on this May Day Celebration arranged by Stephen B as we got to front-run the Immigration Day events held in lower Manhattan.  This concept should appeal to an international group such as the Hash – give me your tired, your poor, your lame, your Brits, your intoxicated etc – but most current hashers must be legal as we saw nary one join the throngs.  And throngs there were which causes me to think that perhaps said Whoremaster was thinking about thongs and got them mixed up?  Even more surprising, this is the first time anyone has ever seen Stephen B outside of Brooklyn as if he were limited by some invisible dog collar (Puppymaster?) around his neck to shock him if he left King’s County.  Talk about confined to one’s premises!


The usual motley crew assembled at the Brooklyn Bridge stop in — MANHATTAN – as we were told and re-told and headed south around a block or so and across the parade path to a check back of Centre Street.  We somehow found another check – this was an auspicious start – and the pack intuitively headed to the Brooklyn Bridge as surely Stephen B intended us to make our way there before his pumpkin expired. Aha some marks across this shortest of bridges connecting his beloved home to reality, but alas then a False mark!  Some intended to find the true trail, the rest of us speculators bet that we’d be going over the Manhattan Bridge and set off led by Just Tim and FMIG.  (BTW did anyone see him hashing during the GP parade or is his name simply a front?).  Not being idiots most of the pack followed and true trail was actually found heading through Chinatown to the best architecture in the city leading to a way off this island where a check was found and no surprise the trail was not false this time.  The bridge provided a means of relief for a few of us which unfortunately came to be made public later when the circle was later subjected to full disclosure.


Back Home


The trail led across Jay Street and headed right which is north by my compass where a chicken-eagle split was found.  As your scribe arrived & missed the “instructions”, this was a surprise to me and as I was alone at that point, I was more than pleasantly surprised taking the fowl trail.  Into a park where another check led across some nice greenery in Commodore John Barry Park to a check in front of a housing project forced — as I was on my own — to solely navigate falsies only to return to more Hashers again amusing the fair citizens of this fair city.  The Brooklyn Borough President should give us an award!  Unfortunately the trail held to the south of the project as opposed to through it up Myrtle Ave to Fort Greene Park and of course into the park up every stair to a construction fence, then cross-country then into where-did-the-bloody-trail-go at which time most all of the pack was assembled including our JM, Ms. WC.  Screaming O being from these parts ran the perimeter and found the trail which led us all down the hill then to the On In on nearby Lafayette Street.  Not a bad trail save some check challenges.


Down Downs


Pizza was ordered.  Beer was drunk.  Bullshit was thrown.  No thongs were found to Stephen B’s usual dismay.  The Hare drank.  Maybe Andy drank for being a civilian with bad knees.  FMIG accused your scribe of being en pissant on a pillar in Manhattan on the initial climb on the bridge and we both received Down Downs as he preceded me for tattling.  No doubt some other slugs received DD’s but this is not a court record.  At least I was not abused two weeks in a row for volunteerus interuptus.


On Out

The Saint