BH3 #312

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #312

Oct 25, 2004

Hare: Wet Connection

Bash Hare: Messr Blue Chalk

On In: O’Keefe’s

Scribe: The Saint



It is not often that a would-be-wanna-be-Hare bags it and a Mystery Hare steps in and especially does such a credible job.  But if you have set many a trail and been elevated to JM, especially in Brooklyn, then a great trail is to be expected and a great trail was what we got.  Christine jumped in for *&^%$$#@!() who bailed for some unknown, but I am perfectly sure, legitimate reason.  The start was Clark Street, which as the first stop on the 2/3 line was mightily convenient and as new start for this writer.  We assembled in front of a formerly transient hotel (Hotel Ralph I believe) that had been yuppified to condos and featured a wine store fronting the street.  With the exception of a former resident who apparently had either not moved out or re-found his way home, it appeared to be your usual Brooklyn start  Your writer chatted up a young lady while walking a dog who claimed she was a “big runner” and may have been but it was hard to tell by what she wore, but did include an old pair of running shoes.  We did not have time to investigate her beer consumption nor proclivities for irreverence.  Methinks we need Hash Flash cards with our email/tel #/clever saying etc to hand out to recruit virgins.


Speaking of bags, JB suggested Blue Chalk, which Christine smartly denied, served to convey our bags and ordered enough food for a Washington DC Hash, so this truly was a joint effort.


Beats the Hell where we ran but some usual Brooklyn Heights terrain including an unintended, off-trail jaunt down the Promenade led by Ian who described his sense of this trail to Christine as “truly awesome.”  All told approximately 40 minutes of fairly straight running with difficult checks.  Just enough.


O’Keefe’s, which served as the On In for my first BH3 and the venue for the 300th run, was its usual pleasant and affordable Monday nights haunt.  As noted, JB ordered enough wings (2 flavors) enough Nachos (also 2 types Veggie and extra cholesterol) and enough fries to reverse Crofty’s recent progress as a prospective cover boy for the 2005 Atkins Calendar (thongs only as I understand).  But we did not run out of Hash Cash for beer which was and always is and should be the priority.  Speaking of beer, it seems that economics drive our choices of the usual Brooklyn Lager and some domestic, light swill.  I do recall fond memories of pubs where we had greater choice and I still recall robust pumpkin ale from a pub long ago and far away.  Perhaps Hares (me included) should avoid the usual suspects and choose pubs with incremental character.  I agree to lead the charge and will happily scrutinize the Saint’s old write-ups to suggest pubs which wither got a favorable beer and overall rating. 



Down Downs


The Hare and (bag) Hag; Ian as noted. prolonging the streak for dumb trail calls, but who bailed before drinking; Hedgehog because if one tall guy drinks, they all drink; Beth for lugging a 100 pound pack because she arrived at 7:01PM; Scottish Andrew who was in double mourning for the Yankees and wore his NY hat to show it and for Arsenal’s 2-0 loss to Man U; and Screaming Orgasm for attempting to defrock a priest at a recent wedding by wearing a see-though top.  There was no commentary about whether she succeeded.


There is a reference to Fluffy who likely also got a Down Down for invoking the 1976 Gerald Ford “Ford to NY: Drop Dead” line defending the honor of the BH3 to NY.



On Out

The Saint