BH3 #281

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

August 18, 2003

Run #281

On In: The Brazen Head

Hare: Mike Bahamonde

Scribe: The Saint


Big, big and hopefully bigger things will shortly be announced by the Braintrust, the Leadership, ("The Committee”) that runs your beloved Brooklyn Hash regarding a major economic sponsorship. This has been achieved due to the noteworthy physical aspects of a selected BH3 member.  Stay tuned for a Big important announcement!


Now it has been entirely too long since your Scribe ran a trail backwards because he was late due either to his work ethic or the lack of a proper work ethic among drivers of the Brooklyn Underground resulting in too few trains when and where they are truly needed.  It’s OK as far as I was concerned after a two-week or so layover from running to focus on spending time in the pool and with my message therapist.  So I was a bit sore from a 2-mile maiden run the day before such that a leisurely Hash run along the Promenade and down the big hill we have run so many times before to glimpse the svelte Crofty was indeed in order.


Sir David did ask if he really needed to run the hill, which surely he would not, to check out the Check, but ultimately he needed to, as that was the true trail.  The tail prior to my meeting the leaders (sic) involved Ft. Green but from what I could make out it was a runaround in Ft. Green.  Seems that a bit of nice borough was also involved earlier.


The On In featured a few locals venturing out to see if this pub received fresh beer after last Blackout Friday, which it may have except for the specials, which were summer ales, which were OK at best.  This did bring back fond memories of a log-past visited Brooklyn pub with a pumpkin ale which was mighty tasty so perhaps this writer is simply waiting for the Fall or anything but this rainy, muggy yuck that is called summer here.


Only one Brooklyn virgin, Becky, was sacrificed – and she does run in Manhattan.  Turns out Becky is from Sterling, Massachusetts, which means nothing to anyone except that it, is the community from which Mary came.  Now we do NOT mean Something About Mary, Cam Diaz, but someone much older and perhaps better known – the Little Lamb.  So despite the extremely limited social and educational value from Hashing, you’all know a bit of trivia.  Perhaps it will win you a few $ down the road – which undoubtedly would be used to buy beer therefore helping the economy.




Unbiased, Vociferous On In Ratings*

On In: The Brazen Head

Aug 18, 2003


                                    EWA (Who?)                                                   The Saint


Ambience                       2 (No brick)                                                          3

Beer Selection                1 (No Stella!)                                                        2.5

Beer Pricing                  3                                                                             3

Local Color                    2                                                                           3

Smoke                           1 (None!)                                                              5

Food                              3                                                                           4         

Totals                          2.0                                                                        3.4167



*Categories are self-explanatory unless you’re dim.  Ratings are the sole province of the writer and if you don’t agree, you don’t agree.


The jukebox was great but unfortunately the cheapskates in the place played too little of the good stuff so it went unrated.  They did have wings to sate any early munchies so all in all a good selection.


Little notable happened except Stacie bolted after too few (she must have had some of course!) beers.  Must be training for Beantown?


Two of us had the same shirt on, which if memory serves may have been Stacie and me — but it was the famous logoed BH3 shirt, 2002 edition, so it was definitely NOT an offense.


On Out!


The Saint


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