BH3 #267

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

February 3, 2003

Run #267

On In: The Boat

Hare: Crazy Bob

Scribe: The Saint


OK, I was late again but neither did I short cut the trail nor run it ass backwards as in my two previous tardy episodes.  Actually, running a Hash alone is fun if you’re feeling fasty but kind of a drag and goes against the grain of the essence of a Hash – running, yelling, beering, etc. in the company of people who actually like this behavior. 


The run began in some kind of industrial district that formerly likely had some kind of historical significance but I was too lazy to check it out online and being from a different republic, I neither knew nor learned anything about it.  The run moved quickly to an area I recalled from my second or third BH3 this past summer leading up a nice hill for which CB posted some nice words of encouragement.  I passed Alice just as the incline was noticeable.  Alice showed up at the On In about three hours later so Bob’s words must have had the opposite effect or else she was looking for some cryptic message with directions.  The run took us through the Borough Hall area that I again recognized this time from my virgin BH3.  It’s nice to know where you are for a change although re-hashing leads to low creativity scores.


Progressing through a park, I had the positive NY experience of having 4 of tomorrow’s leaders wail sticks and whatever else they were carrying at me.  Hashus Racismus!  Thank God it’s today.  There was a modestly tricky check at the end of the area but CB’s trickery was no match for the experienced Saint, plus, and most important, the trail marks were truly excellent.  The On In was found shortly thereafter with a large group celebrating the reasonably warm weather.


Hashers dominated this pub, but I do not mean in the Bondage way –  my initials are BD so I am keen to this stuff – but in a numeric way.  The Borough President should convey upon the BH3 a proclamation and honor for keeping the economy going.  We will have to inveigh upon him to run and imbibe with us in the near future.


Bob found a truly wonderful spot as evendenced by the terrific ratings for the music.  Apparently, the owner records CDs on his own with a range from the Stones (the Saint’s all-time favorite) to the usual recent weird whatever style they call it.  As I did not have a notepad, this report is via forced memory written between Houston and Austin sans beer so my recall is spotty.  One of the better (best likely forgotten) was from “Kissing The Boat.”    I am sure they are better live and they look so good!






Unbiased, Vociferous On In Ratings*

The Boat

Feb 3, 2003


                                    EWA#                                                             The Saint


Ambience                       2                                                                         4.25 (couches and


Beer Selection               2 (Stella and Ultra served, but)                    3

                                          Ewa didn’t show again)

Beer Pricing                  3                                                                            3.5

Local Color                    3                                                                          3.5

Jukebox                         3                                                                          20

Smoke                           1                                                                           3

Food                              2                                                                           2.5

Totals                       2.285714                                                                5.6786                                                   


*Categories are self-explanatory unless you’re dim.  Ratings are the sole province of the writer and if you don’t agree, you don’t agree.


# Ewa didn’t show but we consulted telepathically AGAIN.


Geoff whipped out his pint-measuring device per usual and conferred a BH3 “OK” on the count; no water either.  He is performing his Ministerial duties so well rumor has it that Manhattan is looking to tender an offer.  Indeed, Messrs. Steinbrenner and Wilpon are looking for him to grace their respective stadia on an everyday basis.  Look out if NYC gets the 2012 Games!  Of course, it THAT happens, Ewa will likely play a major role for her beer sponsor.  Speaking of sponsorships, your Scribe read in the Times the other day that Reingold, an old NY born and bred brewer, was about to begin advertising again featuring new Miss Reingolds.  I would suggest that we email, call and write-in to demand that Ewa be given a shot.  She would, of course, have to advise AB that she was switching but for the big $ she would earn and the notoriety of representing a local BROOKLYN brewer as opposed to a bunch of carpetbaggers from the wimpy “Show Me State” would be well worth it.  Plus wherever the BH3 went, we would surely get free Reingold thereby enriching the BH3 Hash Cash CD & Hedge Fund. 



On Out!


The Saint


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