BH3 #261


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

November 11, 2002

Run #261

On In: O’Keefe’s

Hare: Christine

Scribe: The Saint



Well at least I ran #260 partially although backwards.  Due to an unplanned, last minute meeting, coupled with a convoluted subway path to the start, this scribe was so delayed that he missed the entire run.  Worse, the bloody pack got to the On In and had at least one beer before I arrived. 


Accordingly we’ll therefore write more about this run than any other write up to satisfy readers who don’t believe notes can recreate the beauty of a well laid trail; the sweat and intensity of a back check; the frustration of seeing an FRB disappear perhaps while yelling into the night; the craftiness and logic of an SCB; or the agony of a lost trail.


This run began with a typical Brooklyn spirited group including a newbe.  My notes indicate that Christine had “bad” hair but I forgot if this referred to her tail laying or her real hair.  Whichever.


Interestingly, the descriptions given this writer ranged from “different” from Paul our esteemed RA who has laid as many trails as the hairs on his chin to “interesting” from a former Joint Master to “distinguished” from a tallish person in the shadows.  My notes indicate that the trial was indeed varied in traversing our community but somehow an experienced hasher got ahead of the pack!  Paul’s description of the checks as “ABYSMAL” was indeed something to be reckoned with but was it the fault of fawlty checks or fawlty hashing?  In the end the Committee decided and our RA got a Down Down.


On the political front, it has been suggested that the New York 2012 campaign be changed to Brooklyn 21012 as most of the event will be actually have a Brooklyn venue.  This writer suggests that we petition the Oly Committee (Olympic not Olympia beer which most readers likely have greater familiarity with versus elite competition) about this change.  I happen to know the Head Adman for the 2012 thrust and will suggest this to him.


And now for something completely different, and on a final political note, is seems that the Queen (in this hash you need not ask!) has had a rough fortnight or two regarding some hanky panky that stinks worse than a bad, old Stilton.  Quite a conversation piece especially given the reaction on Fleet Street.  My notes indicate something about Queen buggering and Barbara Bush, but perhaps that is a misinterpretation of some usual, awful handwriting.


Ewa was nowhere to be seen and initially in a pique of honesty we elected to not attribute her ratings without her presence.  On the other hand, suppose she was present so what the heck, her ratings are presented without her even being there physically.  Now that’s brassy.


Unbiased, Vociferous On In Ratings*

O’ Keefe’s

Nov 11, 2002


                                    EWA                                                               The Saint


Ambience                       4 (I think there was brick)                                      3

Beer Selection               2 (No Stella served!)                                              3 (Bar @4/no 


Beer Pricing                  3                                                                             3

Local Color                    3                                                                          3.5

Jukebox                         2                                                                           2

Misc: Food (no Za)        2                                                                           2

Totals                           2.667                                                                   2.75                                                                            


*Categories are self-explanatory unless you’re dim.  Ratings are the sole province of the writer and if you don’t agree, you don’t agree.


You will note that we included a food category in the unbiased bar review.  Your scribe elected to add a category and retains the right to place new categories in the reviews on an as needed basis.  In this instance it’s just not the same without some Brooklyn pizza replaced by some nice and healthy wings.


On a positive note, Action Man was recognized for his excellent Haberdashery efforts behind the new, stylish and tres chic BH3 polos.  I believe a typical hash “recognition” consists of a Down Down that he and Mei Mei (sp ?) received.


For three BH3 runs in a row, Steve has made it although for the last two he has participated in his civvies.  Penalty box for a Hat Trick?  Same for Monsieur Byron-Brown.  Probably better we see them in clothes verus shorts!


However, in all honesty, we do very much appreciate those who for whatever crappy reason show up and do not run including writers.  Keep cumming!



On Out!


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