NYCH3 Marathon Weekend 2007 Details


November 2-4


Friday, November 2nd, 7PM

Marathon Weekend Pub Crawl

START: Slainte, Bowery between Houston and Bleeker

TRANSIT:B/D/F/V to Broadway/Lafeyette St stop, or 6 to Bleeker St stop

HARES: United States Marine Whore and Noah’s Dinghy


Saturday, November 3rd, 3:00PM

Training R*n courtesy of the Dogs’ Bollocks

START:77th St & Lexington Avenue

TRANSIT:77th St stop on the 6 train



ATTENTION Overachieving 26-Mile-Running Bastards!

Sunday, November 4th

Brooklyn Viewing Pavilion at Mile 8 organized by Smashmouth:

  • A reminder to all those running on Sunday that Dave, Alison and Daisy Byron-Brown (aka Mr And Mrs Smashmouth and Smashdog) will be gamely out on the course as usual in the autumn chill to greet Hash Marathoners.
  • We will be at the SAME location as last year i.e on Lafayette Avenue (south i.e. right side) just past Mile 8, just past where the men and women have merged, just after the tall Williamsburg Bank building, and just before the traffic light at Fulton St. When you see St. Felix St on the right, know that we're coming up.
  • We will NOT be on Fourth Ave.
  • The usual offer applies: we will take for safe-keeping whatever items you wish to discard. They will be returned to you at the On-On-In.
  • We will also GIVE OUT stuff. Mean Jean has described precisely what kind of banana she needs; others please let me know if you would like anything waiting for you.

Marathon Beer Check:

  • We’ll be located in our usual spot, on Fifth Avenue just before you hit 96th Street, on your right hand side. This is just past mile 23 mark. Be prepared for your roadside down-down!
  • Send me your proposed finish time so we can keep an eye out for you.
  • Join us after your r*n at the On In: Geronimo at 1600 3rd Avenue (at 90th st) where we shall bestow adulation and beer upon you!  Note: Hash cash is $20.
  • Good luck!

ATTENTION Underachieving Hours-and-Hours-of-Beer-Swilling Hashers

Sunday, November 4th, 10AM

Marathon Hash

HARE: Dr Steve & Wet Willy

START: West side of Fifth Avenue between 96th and 97th Streets

TRANSIT: 96th Street Stop on 6 Train

Note: HASH CASH $20


  • Drink Check at 96th Street and First Avenue timed to see the elite runners go by; then back to 96th and Fifth to watch the marathon. Bagels and refreshments provided roadside.   To volunteer to bring something click here.  You will be reimbursed!

Rules & Regs of the day: all BEVERAGES must be consumed in opaque plastic cups provided. Absolutely no open cans can be carried around our area; this should help keep the “man” off our backs. Clean up after yourselves by depositing all empties and other trash into the black garbage bags provided. Help keep NYCH3 beautiful and ticket-free! Six years straight with no trouble from police can be had by following these simple rules.

·    ON ON IN: Geronimo at 3rd Ave and 90th St, From approx 3:30PM onwards. More beer and food.


 Monday, November 5th

Recovery Run: Brooklyn # 394

HARES: FMIG and Blackout

START: Columbus Circle Entrance to Central Park (SW corner)

TRANSIT: 1,A,B,C,D to Columbus Circle

  • Short chicken and eagle trails
  • 7PM start
  • Entirely in Manhattan