Marathon volunteers needed!

Marathon Day: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to bring the following items to 96th and Fifth on Sunday morning (if you plan to be any later than noon, please only volunteer to bring beer).  You will be reimbursed!

 Email Lauren to volunteer

 12-pack of beer in CANS only (remember you can’t buy beer until noon on Sunday so you need to buy the night before if you plan to hash in the morning) (NOTE: we need at least 8-10 people to volunteer for the 12 packs)

  • 100 16-oz Opaque (those red or blue ones are best) plastic cups
  • 2 rolls paper towels, 1 box plastic knives, 1 box large BLACK plastic garbage bags
  • 3 dozen bagels, with butter, cream cheese
  • 3 gallon jugs of water
  • Strip and Go Naked mixer and carrier
  • 4 bags ice


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