NYCH3 #1211


May 2, 2007

Hares: New JM Just Tim and Old JM Jumpin’ Jack Gash

Start/On In: Flannery’s – 14th & 7th

Scribe: Joey Pennsylvania


Famous last words – “the trail is short”.


How many times have you heard this from a hare?  And how many times have you been disappointed?  What is your definition of a short trail?  Mine is 3 miles and 30 minutes.  That is short.


So our new JM Just Tim during instructions outside Flannery’s, our start and on in location exclaimed “the trail is short”.  Five miles and one hour later, the pack (at least the portion of the pack that did not cut the course) returned to Flannery’s.  Short trail my ass.


A beautiful Wednesday evening in Gotham — The trail generally headed west to the beautiful Hudson River, then south for a bit (around the time where your scribe stepped on a henweigh), then east for a bit, through Washington Square Park, up to Union Square Park where our new Religious Advisor, Father FMIG, stopped to play guitar with a young little park lass, then up to around 20th Street, then back down to 14th and over to Flanagan’s.


[Tangent:  — I heard some of you hashing young ladies have been very, very, very bad girls.  It could be time to confess those sins to our Religious Advisor.  Father FMIG may need to see you privately in his confessional.]


That is where the beer started flowing.  Music on the jukebox.  A little non-hash related birthday gathering at a corner table.  Pizza delivered steaming hot right to the bar.  Then down-downs (not necessarily in order and not necessarily complete), administered by Father FMIG and Jumpin’ Jack Gash.


  • Just Tim and Jumpin’ Jack Gash for the trail
  • The loud young non-hashing lady in the birthday booth for disrupting our circle
  • Yours truly, Hot Rod and Fire in the Piehole, committee members, for calling in absent to Saturday’s AGM
  • Two virgins – one chick, one dude – names escape me


[At this time, Father FMIG ordered me to get more beer, so I may have missed a down-down or two].


  • A-hole of the Week went to JM Emeritus Mean Jean
  • FMIG for his guitar strutting incident in Union Square Park
  • “Leave My Clothes On Lauren” and Hot Rod for fashion offenses – Lauren for wearing a race shirt for a race that she did not even run and Hot Rod for running in the NJ Marathon the past Sunday and wearing her NJ Marathon race shirt
  • Happy Birthday – F You!!  Birthdays:  Wet Connection and Peter


After down-downs, the beer kept flowing, pizza was consumed, and normal hashing banter continued, and NYC hash number 1211 entered the history books.


On out, kids!