April 22, 2007
Start: 110th and Broadway
Hares: Doug Guiley and Yank It!
On-In: O’Connell’s (108th and Broadway)
Scribe: Blackout

You gotta love the springtime weather.  For NYCH3#1207 (Easter Sunday), there were flurries in the air.  For NYCH3#1208, it rained 7 plus inches.  For this week’s hash, it was about 78 degrees (Fahrenheit, the Brits will have to do their own conversion).  To greatly paraphrase the old farmers’ saying, if you don’t like this week’s hash weather, just wait another week!

The start this week was at 110th and Broadway, and as usual for the last hash before the switch to Wednesdays, promised to be a long trail wandering around the Upper West Side.  No surprises there at least.  Shortly after getting into the park, the pack was completely flummoxed for 10 or so minutes before someone realized that a false trail mark was not entirely correct.  This would be the theme of the day, little did we know at the time.  After more wandering out of the park and north, a similar instance occurred (strange pack marks), combined with Joe Pennsylvania bravely climbing the stairs in St. Nicholas park and finally crying ‘on-on’ after seeing the appropriate third mark.  Problem was, after climbing the next set of stairs, oops, there was a pesky false.  At this point some in the pack possibly called it a day, yours truly however was in a doughty small group that continued on in the wilting heat, occasionally finding a drinking fountain only to realize it was too early in the season and not on yet.  After circling Columbia’s International House and continuing north in Riverside Park, then getting lost due to another sketchy pack mark, our group found ourselves near the start, then finally to at what was at this point the shimmering, mirage-like bar named O’Connell’s….hurrah, beer to wet the whistle!

After much wetting of whistles and downing of pizza slices, a circle finally ensued.  Down-down’s were given to the hares.  Next were the racists who braved that brutal nor’easter to r*n the Boston Marathon.  The fair weather brought out 5 or 6 virgins, as well as visitor Doggie erectus from the H4 in Delaware.  Assh*le of the week was Joe Pennsylvania for the unfortunate finding of three arrows up the stairs and crying ‘on-on’ before seeing the false mark.  Almost getting away without punishment, but caught at the last second was Dr. Bruce who drank a big down-down from one of his brand new shoes.  The drinking continued into the afternoon, hashers bought assorted goods at the street fair outside, and another Sunday afternoon lazed by.