Sunday, November 12, 2006
Start: 79th and Broadway
Hares: Joe Pennsylvania
On-In: Bar East (1st Ave between 89th and 90th)
Scribe: Jenn

It rained. We waited. It rained. We waited some more.

Just so we’re clear Joey Pennsylvania would like you to know that it was a great trail. He said if not for the rain he definitely would be known for best trail of the year. Instead we had to wait 15 or 20 minutes after “start” time for our hare to show and announce that trail may or may not have been washed out. The rain eased up only a bit and we miraculously found our way around the upper west side, through the park, and over to (surprise, surprise) the east side.

With Mean Jean still in rehab, Jumpin’ Jack Gash was left to JM with himself. Flourless Joe Penn, still remembered for evacuating a not-to-be-mentioned city building after a little mysterious white powder mishap, was given his down down. We had two visitors: Keyless Entry (St. Louis) and No Birds Get Phucked (NBGP) from Thailand. Despite six years in New York City NBGP has not shown up to a single NYCH3 hash as he still travels to Thailand to get his hash on. (X-rated comment from your on-sex: that must be SOME P****!)

Gabe the Babe and Crouching Tiger Hidden Blow Job were caught r*nning with umbrellas on trail. Baha Monde stripped to his skivvies in the back of the bar which made for some nice scenery. I was called up next for my pickle affliction. Before entering the on-in I ran down to 86th street for a gallon of new pickles and some half sours. In addition it seems NBGP didn’t know what to make of the ladies in NYC smelling so good post-r*n, something about different hash cultures, and told JJG that I smelled like I had just washed my hair. (Just for the record, smelling good is one of my three talents). JJG reached for a pickle to put in my beer but I whispered to him that it was too small. I picked out the biggest one from the bucket and went to town.

Happy 37th Birthday to Pussy Repellent. A*sh*le of the Week went to Ted Pitt who rolled into the on-in with his ipod, rocking out hard to John Denver. Oops…we did the visitors but the one virgin wanted some action too. I forget who made Meagan come but she was sure eager about it.

I’m not sure when hash cash ran out but I stayed long enough to see the hare rolling around the pool table and gloriously taking pictures of himself and fellow hashers with his camera phone.