GGFM #183

The Truth

Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full Moon
Hash House Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash #183   – Friday, September 8th, 2006

Hares: Jumpin' Jack Gash and Robert
Start: Sullivan and Prince Street
On In: Antartica Bar (Hudson and Spring St)
Punk Ass Bitch: Lauren

A happy yet small pack of hashers was quietly indulging in some pre-lube beers at Red Bench when in waltzed the very familiar yet long-time-not-seen drunkard BootyCall. The once calm pre-lube crowd was instantly clamoring to say hi to an old friend and check that his hair was long enough for his annual Red Dress Run haircut. Much rejoicing and catching up ensued before the hares dragged us outside to the actual start at the corner of Sullivan and Prince.

Now, as this was the Red Underwear Run, it was safe to assume that many hashers were in fact partaking in the evening’s theme. However, each had their own way of joining in. There were some brazen hashers (JM C*ckstar) who wore their skimpy red underwear over their running gear to show off their goods.  Others (JM Rich, the hares) kept theirs underwraps at least until arriving at the on-in.  Some were more than willing (BootyCall) to continually flash the pack a view throughout the trail. Ted Pitt goosed Ewa early on to get a quick feel of her red undies. And still others (Courtney, Fast American Dave, Tim) were too shy to show us, but we know you had them on!

The trail was fairly nondescript other than including the always frustrating and never enjoyable Washington Square Park check. There are oh I don’t know…nine? major exits to the park? Anyways half of them were lovingly decorated with false trail arrows by over-zealous virgin hare Robert. After valiant checking efforts by all; true-trail was finally found and we continued on through Union Square, Astor Place and the usual landmarks.

Jumpin’ Jack Gash was waiting for us in his red-boxer-briefs (I know, it’s disturbing even to me) at Flannery’s for our beer check. A few delicious pitchers later we were off again for a boring mile straight down seventh Ave. to Antarctica where Robert and some bar-regulars were awaiting us. As Citysearch says about this bar, “Looking for that low-maintenance special someone? Inexpensive drinks and an effective touch of grunginess attract a down-to-earth bunch that's sensible, sociable and has a wry sense of humor.” Clearly we fit right in!

Down-downs were as follows: Hares Robert and JJG for their lack of ingenuity and generally mediocre trail setting. Visitors BootyCall and his cute blond Bahamian friend whose real name I can’t remember, but we’ll get to that. The FRB backpack was given to Fast American Dave by Pierre (a Devo stand-in). One for me because Cockstar heard JJG “Tell his short honey a short-cut at the start” ugg I didn’t even take it! Random Abuse of Power went to FMIG who bestowed it upon Blackout for no apparent reason that I can remember. Then the best red underwear award was between Rich’s red penguin boxers, BootyCall’s Victorias Secret panties (Cockstar owns the same pair), and Jumpin’ Jack Gashes previously mentioned boxer briefs. I don’t recall who won, because I have succeeded in blacking out at least part of that whole scene. Lastly, there was the naming of Booty’s blonde friend hereafter known as “Pole-banger” for an incident with a lamp-post. Jeez, one day in NYC and she gets a hash name….how has Peter avoided it for so long?

Speaking of names…Antarctica has this nifty little gimmick where you drink free if you have the “Name of the day”. That night sadly it was Thomas. Since we didn’t have any Thomas’s with us we had to settle for lots of hash cash beers. But check it out at and maybe your name will come up. FYI if you’re reading this at the next GGFM and your name is “Lori” you should head over there right now!