October 8, 2006
Start: 68th and Lexington (or was it 60th?)
Hare: Lesley
On-In: Danny and Eddie’s
Scribe: Blackout

The sun rose on another beautiful autumn Sunday, and hashers stuffed their heads under pillows to keep out the light, or perhaps were just staggering in after a long night.  No worries, hashers, you have until mid-afternoon to sober up for a r*n followed by another bout of drinking!

The start was at 68th and Lexington, or at least it was according to the website.  Note that from this location you must cross 5th Avenue to reach Central Park.  You know what that means…the hashers get to crash a parade!  The trail quickly reached the Hispanic Day festivities, and almost depressingly crossed without incident, though one of the JM’s was afterwards seen with an Elmo balloon.  Into the park the hashers went, along a trail that went hither and yon throughout the most crowded sections of the park.  The checks might have been tame, but the day was bright and no hashers were heard complaining.  After a sufficient number of meanderings, the trail left the park, and without further ado ended at Danny and Eddie’s (86th and 1st), which has a pleasant back courtyard with only a minor propane leak.

Lesley the hare was first for a down-down, and after discovering all the visitors had vanished, three virgins were next.  One of the virgins, Charlie, got an extra down-down for running into a parking meter on trail ala Smashmouth.  Peter was given a down-down (in absentia, Lesley took his place) for giving a bogus start location on the hotline, and similarly Alice had to drink for going to 86th.  Jumpin’ Jack Gash got a combined down-down for ugly socks, new shoes, and r*nning with a balloon on trail.  Next were Eva and Cunt-sultant for phone sex, then Busta Membrane for receiving and bragging about follow-up messages on his Blackberry from one or more women met at a Saturday night party.  Andrew was given a down-down for a ‘CSI: Hash’ moment on trail, using advanced forensic techniques to confirm chalk marks were not from an older trail.  Finally, Assh*le of the week went to FMIG, who perhaps in the spirit of the upcoming marathon ‘won’ the hash by bursting through caution tape put up around Delacourt Theater. 

Lesley got a good deal at this particular on-in, and beer flowed freely throughout the evening.  Later highlights included jars of pickles (and brine-tasting) courtesy of Bruce and Jumpin’ Jack Gash, and Lesley overheard commenting “I’ve had this thing stuffed down my pants all night, and I still don’t feel a thing”.