NYCH3 #1158


NYCH3 #1158
Date: May 10, 2006
Start: Flannery’s (14th St. and 7th Ave.)
Hares: JM’s Mean Jean and Jumpin’ Jack Gash
On-in: Flannery’s
Scribe: Jenn

Have you ever been 40 minutes into trail and still two miles from an A to A on-in, still traveling in the wrong direction?

No one believed that it really could be an A to A trail. Little did anyone think, after the JM’s short and friendly, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am trail of the AGM, would they make us suffer so much.

The hares paid for their hour and a half trail with the first down down. Mean Jean tried to garner sympathy throughout the evening by repeating that she had “only set trail to Madison Square Garden”. Jumpin’ Jack Gash (JJG), who probably kept marking arrows just for the hell of it after passing the on-in was beat to Flannery’s by the FRBs.

No virgins and no visitors. For civilian casualties on trail Bahamunde and Oh Shit received down downs. The latter actually picked up and twirled someone on trail. Bahamunde flattened a chick and when they looked into each other’s eye they didn’t feel any love connection so he kept going.

FMIG and Wee Willie were caught racing to the on-in and maybe would have been excused if not for FMIG’s “Nice try” comment to WW upon edging him out.

Dave Long for hitting the big 4-0. Lisa and Dave for celebrating their two-year anniversary in style with a six mile hash.

Lisa (Milano, not the other one) for flaunting an officer’s badge and impersonating Cagney from Cagney & Lacey. (or is that Lacey?)

Jen—Lauren and Salt Lick’s new roommate. Although Jen has an inch or two on both of them you still won’t be able to move into the apartment unless you’re under five feet tall.

Asshole of the Week went to JJG for setting a long trail.

At the AGM Leo was vaguely named Fuck Me I’m Actually Gay. Realizing the moniker missed a certain something our JM’s spent a few days to come up with another. The newly renamed Fuck You I’m Straight (FYIS) is headed for California if he ever finds a roommate on craigslist.