NAWW #133


New Amsterdam Winter Wednesday #133

Run #: 133
Date: Dec 21, 2005
Start: Dewey’s Flatiron on 5th Ave. btw 25th and 26th
On-in: Plug Uglies on 3rd Ave. btw 20th and 21st
Hare(s): Tim and Assglider (with adult supervision from Danny)
Scribe: Tim

Virgins and virgin hares share common concerns as the big event approaches: Will there be pain? Will it take too long? Will I be doing it by myself – again? Will we cross trails? Unfortunately all these fears, and more, were realized on first trail.

The pain started before the trail was even set. As a result of showing off 8 minute-something times at 15K races every weekend, Assglider was limping around like a 40 year-old point guard, and was near-useless at setting trail. At one point we walked so slowly that we seemed to go backwards in time, which explains how Steva ended up running last week’s FMIG’s trail for 2 miles. In fact, the on-in seemed vaguely familiar too… Assglider came to around 14th street, which is why Irving Plaza was the best marked part of the trail.

Frankly, we didn’t expect many hashers would show up due to the transit strike, but were surprised to have a pretty decent turnout. Since everyone – everyone except us, since we drove in – was going to get most of their exercise just getting to the pre-lube, it made sense to us to have at least 4 checks and 3 back-checks on trail.

Most potential on-ins were booked for Christmas parties where people actually pay full price and spend money. We were close to having an A-to-A trail, which would have meant $6.50 Buds and $10 sandwiches at Dewey’s. Hash cash would have lasted 30 seconds.

As far as the pack’s opinion of the trail goes, the on-in was great. My ad hoc drink-check friend Tom set us up with Plug Uglies on short notice. Nobody died, everyone except Basia got lost, and hash-cash lasted until the triumphant end. Survivors straggled in after way too long. Lauren and Salt Lick made cameo appearances.

JM Danny dispensed down-downs quickly. The hares were assigned full- pints for a long list of trail-setting offenses too long to mention or remember. Alice was awarded one for showing up in running gear and then walking to the on-in from the pre-lube with the hares. Congratulations to Loretta for being named – Road Kill – after getting hit by 2 bicyclists on the way to the pre-lube.

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