NYCH3 #1131

NYCH3 #1131

Date: October 30, 2005

Start: 65th and Braodway

Hares: Fire-in-the-Pie-Hole and Mary

On-in: Dive 75

Scribe: Cockstar


YankITs Prodigy


            Fire-in-the-Pie-Hole.  Its sorry, but its true.  YankIt has created a monster.  What kind of a monster you ask?  Well, the kind that follows in YankIts footsteps:  Starting on the UWS and ending on the UWS at one of the Dive bars.  Take your pick: Dive 75, Dive 96 or Dive 101.  I guessed Dive 75 at the start.


            Because it is now approximately six weeks later, youre getting the Cliff Notes version.  meet ad the start . . . blah, blah, blah . . . I remember seeing some regulars . . blah, blah, blah  . . off we go . . .blah, blah. blah . . . into the Park . . . surprise, surprise . . . then out of the Park onto the west side . . . surprise, surprise . . . and then pretty much straight to Dive 75.  See!  I guessed right.


At the bar, with bar mix a plenty, hashers mingled and moped.  The offenses?  A few:


The hares.


Ciderman for being overly helpful (or bossy you chose).  Told the hares where to hail a cab and where to order pizza and not in a nice way.


Virgin Ilona.  Never to be seen again.


Wet Connection got the Jimmy The Greek Award  (something about football scores and smelling funny at the start of the GGFM Halloween hash).  I think she said something about: You know its sad when you want to FABREEZE yourself before going to the hash.


Future marathon r*nners: Fast Am. Dave# 6 and Flaccido (OK this is pathetic that I am just writing about this now, Jeans going to fire me).


Dave Hardy for r*nning through a movie set and  . . . when one Dave drinks . . .ALL Daves drink!


Cockstar for several blonde moments including calling Mean Jean in the morning on her way to the office and wondering why so many r*nners were finishing a race in the Park at 11, when it was only 10AM due to the clock changing; and then calling Jean again on her way to recce trail to ask where Kabin (the start) was.


DBB got his happy birthday F^%K U!


Chad for being a dog F^%KER (??????????????????)  Honestly, she wasnt THAT bad looking.


DBB and Ewa for something having to do (in Ewanese wiz a cute dog owitfit).


AOW went to Ben the Puker for showing up at the Sunday hash in his best Village People outfit (he was the construction worker) because he was not going to be able to make it to the Monday night GGFM Halloween hash.  LOOSER!