GGFM #167

The Truth



Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full Moon

Hash House Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash # 167 – Friday, July 22, 2005

Hare: Fast American Dave & Karen Z.

Start: Washington Square Park

On-In: Biddy Early’s on Murray St.

Punk Ass Bitch (Scribe): Stacia

The hash started at Washington Square Park. You would think this would be an easy place to find but apparently Booty Call had no idea where it was. Once he got some directions he made it to the monument but the actual location of the fountain eluded him.


A fair number of people showed up. The hares, Fast American Dave & Karen Z, said there were 2 chicken and eagle splits. They reported that if you did the two chickens it would be about 4ish miles and the two eagles, well obviously it would be longer but I don’t know how much. In any case it does not matter because it was long, long, long and full of “cheagles”!! For those of you who don’t know, a “cheagle” means you think you are on a chicken, but it really turns out to be an eagle.


So we started out on the trail, and it was reported by Dave the Smuck (an intermittent hasher from Long Island), that Flaccido started short cutting within the first block. Kyle was running along too and said to me later that he thought Dave’s small arrows probably did not reflect the size of his penis. Chad reported that it was an arduous trail and that means a lot coming from Chad. It was very hot out too.


Miles and miles later, Dave the Smuck said he became confused once we got to the west side highway. He stopped looking for arrows and spent a long time looking at the trapeze class going on instead. It was also the run of the injured. It was my first hash in almost a year!! Other injured hashers included Charlotte, Cockstar, Doug (supposedly) and Loretta.


Once we finally got to the on-in Flaccido immediately ran off like a little girl and never came back. Apparently he thought the trail should have been shorter and was so mad that he went home, well probably just out drinking somewhere else.


At the circle the hares got many down downs for such a long trail and for reversing the chicken with the eagle. There were three virgins present, Trisha, I don’t know who brought her, Lacy, a friend of Ted’s and my friend Robin. Also there was a visiting hasher from Israel named Margaret. She used to live here, met her husband who was a mover, he moved her stuff and now they have been moving together ever since.


Lunch got a down down for recently being caught by the police for relieving himself in public. He was able to plea bargain the charge down to littering. Way to go Ed! Ed’s advice is to always carry a water bottle with you and then you can just say it is Gatorade.


Ray was an idiot and wore new shoes. He then committed alcohol abuse by pouring most of the beer on his head.


Ted was a sad bastard and got ratted out by Wet Connection for doing what exactly I don’t know. But something to do with hanging back with the newbies so they would not get lost and then enlisting a fireman to tell him exactly where he needed to go on trail.


That’s it on-out!!