NYCH3 #1105

NYCH3 #1105

Date: Wednesday, May 11th, 2005

Start: Raccoon Lodge, 83rd & Amsterdam

Hares: Alice & Geoff

On-in: Cabin Fever, 76th & York

Scribe: Flaccido Domingo


In attendance: Alice, Geoff, Mastercard, Peter, Leslie, Jim Leary, Danny, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Steva, Mean Jean, Dumb Dick, Sadie, Jumpin’ Jack Gash, Booty Call, Mike B., Mickey Mouth, Wet Connection, Smashmouth, Leo, Chad, Loretta, Pearl Necklace, Dr. Debbie, BJ Boy (aka Barf Bag), Kindergarten Kim, John Burke, Oh Shit, Pussy Repellant, Karen Z., Stacia (sort of), Kerry, Chris, Marit, Dave, Diego, Lindsay, Henry, Maureen, Suzanne, Marcia, Alex, Pete, Carla, Bottom, Jaime, Christy, Dave Too Long, Erica, and many more (plus me)


Where it began

Pre-lubing at George Keeley’s Pub.

I can’t begin to knowin’

That’s because Raccoon Lodge was closed for renovations. Luckily for us Geoff was well versed in pre-World War I military hand gestures. Otherwise we never would have known to head to the corner for the start. (down-down)

but then I know it’s growin’ strong.
Was in the spring

Note to Mastercard: If you hadn’t lost two pages of the Hare-Raising calendar, you’d know that.

then spring became the summer.
Who’da believed you’d come along ?

…at 10 pm. Nice work Dave Too Long. Oh, and Happy Birthday F*&k You!!


touchin’ hands

And hares wearing matching shirts. So cute. So cute. So cute. (down-downs x 2)

reachin’ out

But not stopping to tie your shoes because the Upper East Side is such a scary neighborhood. Hello, Mastercard? (down-down)

touchin’ me
touchin’ you.

Bottom throwing beer at Mickey Mouth

Mickey Mouth throwing beer at Bottom

(that’s called alcohol abuse where I come from)

(and surprisingly, no down-downs)

Sweet Caroline

On, on, on…

good times never seemed so good.

Mmmmm, McSorley’s Ale


I’ve been inclined
to believe they never would.


But shortcutting Geoff’s trails is easy

But now I –

…want to know what Peter was referring to when he said “when I’m the hare I prefer having one that’s about 18 inches long and about an inch and a half to two inches wide – that way my back doesn’t hurt as much later on”…

Look at the night
and it don’t seem so lonely

How could it with over a dozen virgins and visitors. (down-downs aplenty)

we fill it up with only two.
And when I hurt

I say “thank you Empress Norma, may I have another?”

hurtin’ runs off my shoulders

And everything falls off Dave while on trail – sunglasses, backpack, you name it. (down down)

how can I hurt when holdin’ you ?
touchin’ warm

That’d be Karen Z.’s hand (warm) touching Bottom’s dirty laundry (warm) in the Haberdashery Bag…

reachin’ out

…and Mean Jean holding the various garments with metals tongs in the circle…

touchin’ me
touchin’ you.

…so drink up Bottom, you’ve earned A$$hole of the Week honors (down-down). Carla has never looked so proud.

Sweet Caroline

Lost control, lost control….

good times never seemed so good.
I’ve been inclined
to believe they never would.


Uh oh, out of hash cash. On out.