The New York (Westchester and Connecticut) Hash is celebrating it’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday, April 9th starting around 1pm.

New York H3 27th anniversary and 28th AGM

Carpooling instructions

Best to Park at the Merritt Exit 42 or Exit 41 Commuter Parking Lot since there is limited car space at Beth’s, then carpool to Beth’s house from the CP lot. There might be limited space at the 42 CP lot as well.

April 8,9 and 10
Chateau Scarborough
209 Good Hill Rd
Weston CT

start: 1:00pmish
trails: chicken, eagle, walker
hares: beth & andy

This Hash Year saw an encouraging enthusiasm all in Hash-like style, accentuating the unusual and ignoring the trivial. In the spirit of the GREATEST GENERATION we are dedicating our 28th AGM to the memory of DUNKIRK, which by amazing coincidence celebrates its 65th anniversary at the same time. Mark the date Sat., Apr. 9 at 1:00pm.

The run set by Beth and Andy will be A to A (it ends where it starts, like so many things in life). Chicken and walking trails will be set. Bring a dry bag and swimming gear (optional, sez Tubslut). If be some remote chance the pool is open, it will not be heated! Overnight accommodation is offered on Saturday night, mainly floor space, bring sleeping bags and mattresses (or mistresses), towels etc.

The On-on will feature cult beer, a re-enactment of Dunkirk, a Connecticut culinary experience including Bambi Bourguignon and other treats including vegetarian and chicken delights, plus the pierogies we forgot to serve last year. Some singing may break out, and the AGM will flash past in its usual unruly manner.

Hash Cash (Saturday) $ 10 (US currency, no checks).

As a warmup for the event, everyone is invited to our Friday night pubcrawl starting at 7:00 pm (TBD). If you need overnight accommodation, contact Pearl Necklace at 203-856-7675.

Like the BEF at Dunkirk in World War 2, the NY Hash has held its beachhead against all adversity, in spite of commanding officers rejoicing in tardy reaction to current events, resulting in looming disaster, somehow twisting fate to our ultimate advantage.

Our early events deteriorated into sporadic weekend barbecues, runners outnumbered by fleetfooted underlings, some still in diapers. Our reaction was to switch to Monday evenings in the Mother Hash tradition. We eventually learned the futility of continuing with strips of paper hung on tree limbs and succumbed to flour and chalk. We reacted to dark nights by outlawing flashlights and relying on ambient light. Suburban sprawl was countered by Juhani Loops enabling long runs in small areas. We saved the time, expense and effort of dating by marrying each other, and raided the skills of local hospitals to create bypasses and stints, and other replacement parts, rejuvenating our geriatric tendencies and curbing the move towards walking trails. So Dunkirk it is in memory of the defeat that made possible ultimate victory, a truly appropriate parallel.

Train – For those of you city folk looking to get your annual dose of shiggy, take the 12:07 New Haven train to Westport (arrives 1:10pm). Call in advance to arrange pick-up:

Beth (203) 226-6578
Tom (203) 952-1189

Directions – >From Boston, NYC, Phila, etc. Find your way to Merritt Parkway (Rt. 15) in southern CT. Get off at exit 42 Westport/Weston and take rt 57 north toward Weston (left from ramp if travelling from Boston, right if coming from south). Travel 1.5 miles north on rt 57 and turn right at light onto Good Hill Rd. Weston Gardens Nursery is on right. Follow Good Hill Rd for 2.0 miles to 209 (on right). look for HHH signs.

>From Ridgefield/Danbury/other points north Find your own way to rt 7 and go south to Redding/Georgetown, turn left onto rt 107, then right onto rt 57 toward Weston/Westport. Turn right at flashing light (Cobb’s Mill Inn on right) onto 57, follow through Weston center (don’t blink) and turn left at 2nd light onto Good Hill Rd (Weston Gardens on left). Follow Good Hill Rd for 2.0 miles to 209 (on right). look for HHH signs.

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