NAWW #110 Oct 27, 2004

Three mystery hares and noone set the trail: John Haldi and two female beer checks.

This trail was blessed by several natural events. I would say we almost had a theme though not the Wild West Shootout advertised. Natural and supernatural. (natural being natural and supernatural being pubs, outside and in of course, as usual)

The start was at Flannery’s on the cross street of 14th and 7th – bags where half heartedly left on the corner, hashers feeling certain they were only to be dragged back in. 50/100 No, not 50 bags.

Trail went South although Mean Jean swore she saw marks to the north, the next recognizable stop being many many miles later after all the classical west village wiggles which somehow seem to have gotten straightened out was, approached from the southeast, Down the Hatch, where with the greatest of pleasure we met with a virgin offering some very delicious cold dark beer, and then after that, just in case, water.

So, for the nature theme, I swear our hare drew an arrow across the street, probably Washington Street, into some trees with flowers under them, colorful mind you, in the middle of the night, and then, that over, another arrow back across the street.

Bar theme: 2nd stop – Flannery’s – techila or Johnnie Walker shots – those who didn’t know the difference missed out and our two hosts were stuck with at least ten shots, which , word has it, they dispatched all by themselves.

Up nine blocks to 23rd and a carpeted lovely 2nd floor Irish bar next to the Masonic Lodge – peaceful, a haven shall we say with food thrown in so that John could cover all the other goodies. Remarkable. Not least of which was the trail.

Downdowns happened and although memorable were forgotten by scribe. Pumpkins full of palm oil went wandering around the room.

Nature theme. Ewa went out for a cigarette. She came in howling, for there was a full moon. Only she couln’t see some of it so she came and got the rest of us. The eclipse was spectacular. And for this we have John Haldi to thank. He couldn’t have done better if he tried.

PS. I leave you in the good hands of Danny. Those who owe him hash kitty, please remember to pay. I shall be with you in spirit. Hashing in other climes.

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