NYCH3 # 1060

NYCH3 #1060, July 14, 2004

HARES: Lisa and MasterCard

Start: B’way & Liberty

On In: Tom & Jerry’s

Scribe: Cockstar



L’introduction (la version “officielle”, taken from a random web site.


On July 14th the French celebrate Bastille Day. This day marks the end of monarchy and the beginning of the French Revolution.


Several factors led to the Revolution. France had the largest population in Europe and not nearly enough food to feed it. The wealthy and growing bourgeoisie (the middle-class, merchants and businessmen) were allowed no political input or power. The poor were in a bad situation and it was getting worse. The country was nearing bankruptcy. By the late 1780s the people of France were fed up and began speaking out. Assemblies were held and demands of a constitution were made. When King Louis XVI and his queen, Marie Antoinette, tried to quiet the unrest the people rebelled


On July 14, 1789 the masses banded together and stormed the Bastille prison, a symbol of the corrupt political system. This began the Revolution.


The First Republic was established in 1792. This period is known as the Reign of Terror. The leaders (like Maximilien Robespierre) rejected the idea of federalism and enforced their own ideas upon the people. They held mass executions by guillotine, closed churches, and repressed religious freedoms among other things. They claimed their acts were justified because of the European monarchy allegiances just outside of France and the growing number of uprisings within the borders. In the end, in an ironic twist of fate the leaders of The First Republic found themselves under the blade of the guillotine.


The Revolution lead to the tricolor flag of blue, red, and white. Blue and red are the colors of Paris and white is the color of royalty.


Bastille Day was proclaimed a national holiday in 1880 and in 1848 the motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” was reinstated. In France, most folks take Bastille Eve off and celebrate with festive balls and brilliant displays of fireworks. The day that follows is filled with parades, bands, dancing and general good times.


L’introduction (les Hash Sous-Titres (subtitles)).


On  14th of July,our hares Lisa and MasterCard decided to set a Bastille Day trail.  This day consisted of a pre-lube that started watching a French waiter race on Wall Street and a beret contest.  Of course, the email about both of these events went out to the group about 2 hours before the r*n.


Several factors lead to his particular pair setting Trail: Kyle f***ed up as Hare Raiser, another guy backed out, Lisa was a virgin hare so she could not hare alone and MasterCard was thirsty.  The hash was in a bad situation because (with the exception of Jeunes Jean’s trail last week) the previous four weeks’ Trails had been unmitigated disasters.  These hares have already been lambasted and paid the price for bad Trails and on-ins, so we need not repeat these offenses again here.  Nevertheless, when the Trail looked like it was going to be completely washed out, I heard that MasterCard yelled to the pack:  “Let them eat soft stinky cheese at the on-in!”


On Wednesday, July 14, 2004, the regular masses (Perl Necklace, Tim, Lesley, Peter, Stewa, Wet Connection, Andrew R., Dave Hardy, Stacia, Karen, Jesse, Bahamonde, Patrick, Scot G., Dr. Debbie and Junior) banded together under an under hang as the skies opened up and they stormed the streets of lower New York City, a symbol of their wild and wanton behavior.  This began the NYCH3 r*n #1060.

The first NYCH3 was established  by Lee Carlson on May 6, 1984.  This period (before the Hash really caught on)  was known as  he Fifth Avenue Mile because the runs were nothing more than Lee sprinting down 5th Ave with a 2-minute start and the pack racing to catch him.  Initially the pack  rejected the idea of checks, back checks and falses.  However, as is customary at every hash, they did hold mass down-downs, closed bars and repressed any and all moderate behavior.  They claimed their acts of debauchery were justified as they were only emulating the behavior exhibited at other hashes around the world since the 1930’s.  It was only after several years that the summer Wednesdays and winter Sunday schedule was established.

The Trail should (ideally)  lead to a bar where copious amounts of beer should flow.  Beer is the international drink of all hashers.

On hash days, hashers assemble at the start location and periodically yell phrases such as: oy, oy oy; on-on; RU?; checking; on one; on two; on right/left; and the most coveted phrase on-in!  Most hashers have to take the day after a hash  off because they celebrated with too many beers and songs the previous night.  The day that follows is filled with headaches, rehydrating fluids, asprin and naps.

Le Trail.

Normally I feel a bit badly about this section because I have been unable to actually r*n the trails for the past five months.  I either skip the trail in the write-up alltogether or ask someone who ran it for the deets.  But today I don’t feel badly at all for leaving it out of the write-up as because the trail was completement washed out!

It would be unhashly behavior if there were no complaints about the trail, so I am happy to report that the complaints consisted of musings that the trail might have survived the torrential down-pour had the marks been set under overhangs, mailboxes or scaffolding.  The traitors who voiced these complaints shall remain nameless.

Les Down-Downs.


Mesdames Lisa, MasterCard and Kyle (le Bag Bitch).


Encore une fois: Lisa & MasterCard parce que there was not trail!


 Les Visiteurs et Vierges:  Louie, the Hague (or Haig(?)) and Rob.


Messrs. Devo et Tripod: pour setting a live trail when the real one was washed out and suckering three people (Bruce, Hague/ihAHHHHAHaig and Seth) to follow them.


Monsieur Bruce for wearing a towel around his waist at the on-in (with shorts on underneath).


Le petit Wyeth received the Boy Scout award for wearing his Boy Scout Troup 510 Camp Out in Napperville Illinois T-shirt to the hash.  JM HUA wanted to know whether he was the invitor or an invitee.


Kyle (parce que Magoo is no longer recognized in le Circle) and Sujan, for being seen leaving Sujan’s apartment together before joining the other hashers at the start.


Le bon Semaritain:  Monsieur Burke for helping a guy in a wheel chair.


Le trou d’ane de la semaine (AOW):  Monsieur Long – for losing our coveted plunger.


On out.

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