NYC Red Dress 2021 REGO!!!

$ is the home of all NYC local kennels including New York City H3, Brooklyn H3, New Amsterdam H3, Greater Gotham Full Moon H3, and our not so distant cousin Long Island Lunatics H3. Here you can find all the info you need to come hash with us! We meet a couple times a week to run/walk/jog/travel 3+ miles around NYC.We’re a very social group. Our members come from all walks of life, all age groups (21+) and all abilities of running from slow to fast. Our one and only goal is for everyone to have a good time!

Look below for details on our upcoming events! Welcome and On-On!

Receding Hareline (Next 60 Days)

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Date/Time Start / Transit Info Subway/LIRR/Metro North/Path Hare(s)
NYC #2042
Start: Meller’s Sports Hub
1702 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128
Transit: Q/4/5/6 to 86th st

A to B, probably short, definitely half-assed.
Drink specials at start and food specials at On-In
Love Canal
NASS #285Drop A Pin
Brooklyn #1126
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
Cheeky Bastard (OR msg him if you’re interested!)
NYC #2043
Start: TBD
Dime Store Tom Cruise
Full Pink Moon
GGFM #407
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD

Ditch's Birthday Bonanza
Ditch Sucker
Brooklyn #1127
Start: Bier Wax, 556 Vanderbilt Ave
Transit: A/C to Clinton-Washington Aves, 2/3 to Bergen St, B/Q to 7th Ave, Citibike, r*n!

A to B with a drink check and plenty of play checks! (Drink checker requested) London Rules at the *new* on-in
NASS #286
Start: TBD
Drop a Pin
NYC #2044Sign up to hare!
NASS #287
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
Cheeky Bastard and Field of Creams
NYC #2045Sign up to hare!
NYC #2046Sign up to hare!
Full Flower Moon
GGFM #408
Start: TBD
Transit: TBD
Sign up to hare!
NYC #2047Sign up to hare!
NYC #2048Sign up to hare!
NYC #2049Sign up to hare!
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